French Toast With A Twist

by HEAB on June 3, 2010

First the bad news: My lips are funky. They are red and burning and feel like they are covered in wax. Anyone else ever experience this? This used to happen to my mom whenever she drank wine, but trust me, I’ve had no wine lately. I’m wondering if it’s some type of allergic reaction or a yeast thing? Also, my hair is falling out – I mean I’m not balding or anything, but I’m shedding worse than my dogs these days. Oh, and I’m anemic, but apparently that’s pretty common among pregnant women and might explain all the shedding. So, not feeling so hot at the moment, but now onto the good news…

My yummy breakfast!

Following the advice of Susan, my waffle muse, I thawed 2 Nature’s Path Flax Plus with Figs frozen waffles in the fridge overnight, and used them to make French toast waffles this morning. First I coated each waffle with some batter (1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk whisked together with 1 egg, a few drops of almond extract, and cinnamon).


I then fried each waffle in my skillet until nice and crisp, flipping once.


While I cleaned up the kitchen, I let the waffles bake in a 375° toaster oven for about 5 to 10 minutes.


Breakfast: French toast waffles with 1 grapefruit, and syrup for dipping, not drizzling (because that’s how professional waffle eaters do it :) ).


So yummy. You could add some stevia to the batter for a sweeter batter. Speaking of stevia, would you like some? I thought you might. The folks NuNaturals would like to offer 4 HEAB readers the chance to win 1 box of stevia powder packets (50 count) along with 1 bottle of liquid vanilla stevia drops. To win, simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite dietary source or iron. :)