Enjoying Comfort Food

by HEAB on June 10, 2010

I slept 12 hours last night, 12 wonderful hours. I was in bed by 8 PM and did not get up until 8 AM when Chris woke me up to tell my Bye. Always so good to get caught up on sleep…perhaps it was all the yummy food I ate yesterday. :)

After a 65 minute online yoga session, I met up with Justine for the best lunch yesterday. Honestly, I think she and I could have stayed for hours talking and shut down the restaurant. Justine, I love you – thanks for being such a good friend!


We dined at Mediterranean Cuisine as Justine had never been there, and as you know, when Justine and I get together, hummus is always involved. :)

I ordered the lamb gyro on whole wheat pita bread with a side of tabouleh salad.



Where is the hummus you ask? No worries, Justine ordered it along with some Baba Ghanoush. Good times, good food! Justine was also kind enough to bring me some photocopied recipes from her new favorite cookbook.

Picture 4.png

I flipped through them and decided to make a yummy dinner for me and CD. That’s twice I’ve cooked this week, and my appetite is almost back in full swing. I still can’t handle the smell of vegetables cooking, but I’m hoping to be loving on some broccoli and Brussels sprouts soon. However, last night, I opted for some true comfort food, chicken pot pie. I’ve never made a chicken pot pie, and I cannot believe how easy this recipe was to make!


in perfect Justine style, I shall leave you with my Confession of the Day: I would like to say that the topping of our chicken pot pie was made from 100% whole grain flour, but nope, it was 100% Bisquick. I have never in my life bought Bisquick, but I have to admit it tasted really good! Ha, I cannot tell you how much being pregnant has really made me relax around so many of my rules. First off, I’m not able to do any strenuous yoga these days, but I’m okay with that. I am loving my gentle prenatal yoga classes! Even if my arms are missing all those Chaturangas, my body is truly enjoying all the deep breathing and stretching I’m doing these days, and as far as food goes, I’m so less restrictive than I used to be. A little Bisquick? Why not? My former self would have wanted to attend the most challenging 90 minute vinyasa class I could find, followed by a salad at Mediterranean Cuisine (skipping both the lamb and pita bread), and then I probably would have made the chicken pot pie, but skipped the biscuit topping altogether. So, even though I haven’t felt that great these last few months, I am grateful for all that the little HEABlet is already teaching me. :)

Have you learned any unexpected lessons lately?

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