A Manly Meal

by HEAB on June 12, 2010

Yesterday, I fried up a steak for breakfast. Ha, I felt like such a man.


Into my heated cast iron skillet went 1 tsp of ghee, and then I plopped my salted grass-fed finished ranch steak into the sizzling butter. After about 3 minutes, I flipped and allowed the other side to brown for about another 90 seconds. Alongside my steak, I made a hummus filled omelet. However, as I was loading it onto my plate, the hummus ended up on the counter. So, I spread some more on top. YUM!

I saved half the steak for my lunch…


Steak on a toasted EarthGrains multigrain thin bun with melted goat brie cheese and Bald Eagle Sauce x 2. Hey iron, what’s up? Damn straight.

Speaking of iron, look what arrived on my doorstep. Thank you iHerb!


Yummy Floradix liquid iron. Actually, I thought it tasted pretty good – like grape/pear juice or something. I’m taking 1 dose twice a day with meals. Hope it helps!

Oh, and still loving on some oat bran and frozen Reece’s. :)


Walk or yoga? Walk or yoga? Can’t decide, but first I must make a trip to Home Depot. CD and I doing a few small home renovations, and I feel like I live at Home Depot these days. Gotta get things ready for the HEABlet! :)

Tonight is date night…first time I’ve been out to dinner in over 4 months. We’re going here. What should I order?

Happy Saturday!