HEABified Pies

by HEAB on June 14, 2010

Been craving fruit pie lately…ever since reading about the Non Dairy Queen’s gluten & dairy-free peach cobbler. Can’t get it out of my head, and yes, I blame you Sarena. 😉

Time to HEABify! I present to you peach cobbler with whipped cream…


Cooked oat bran, 1 peach, real whipped cream.

This morning’s breakfast? Apple pie a la mode…


Cooked oat bran, Trader Joe’s spiced apples, and vanilla protein ice-cream.

There is just something so wonderful about cold ice-cream mixed with warm oats. Have you tried it? If not, you must!

A product review for you…


A few weeks ago, the folks from Vega sent me their new Shake & Go Smoothie, an instant, just shake-with-water, rich in plant-based protein, greens, omega-3s, fiber, and probiotics that comes in 4 different flavors. Hmm, I was a bit skeptical as I have not been a huge fan of any Vega products in the past. However, for some reason, I am determined to like hemp protein, and agreed to give the new smoothie a try. I opened the bag and was not impressed by the smell. I followed the mixing instructions (simply add 2 heaping TBSP to 1/2 to 1 cup water and shake) and was not impressed by the color. That being said, I was impressed by how easily the powder blended with the water just after a few shakes, and I was even more impressed by the taste. I liked it! This would make a great grab and go snack before an early morning workout, and the ingredients and nutritional stats are great:

Picture 4.png
Picture 3.png

Thanks Vega. Good stuff, and I can’t wait to try your chocolate flavor!

Quick question before I go: My friend is working on a project and needs some help. For a salad bar, fast casual lunch retreat kind of place, which name would draw you in more? Daily Greens or The Green Slate? Please let me know in a comment below. Thanks!