Back In The Flow

by HEAB on June 15, 2010

My butt hurts…but in a good way. Yesterday, I returned to my all time favorite yoga class taught by my favorite yoga teacher here in Nashville. I’d been a bit hesitant to go back as I hadn’t done a vinyasa flow class in over 4 months, but after emailing back and forth with the teacher, I felt confident that I would do just fine. Before class, we went over the poses I shouldn’t do and how I could modify other poses. Oh my gosh, it was so good to be back, and I really listened to my body…another important lesson the HEABlet is teaching me. Every time the class did a Chaturanga, I simply did a Cat/Cow pose flowing into Downward Dog, and although inversions are okay right now, I skipped plow and shoulder stand and went into an early Savasana. It was a challenging class, and I am sore today but so glad I went. After class, I was so full of energy, and accomplished everything I wanted to get done. Yep, starting to feel like my old self again…finally!

I even cooked!!!


Last night, CD and I dined on beef stroganoff made with filet mignon and salads…I’m having a love affair with banana peppers and going through a jar every two days. I really should start buying them in bulk. Anyway, the stroganoff was delicious if I do say so myself. The recipe came from the Now Eat This cookbook, but I used ghee instead of cooking spray and full fat sour cream instead of low fat sour cream. I also left out the onion as I still can’t stand the smell of onions cooking. Another great recipe – I am loving this cookbook! And to all my veggie friends out there, you could easily sub tempeh or seitan for the steak for a delicious vegetarian stroganoff. :)

After dinner, CD proceeded to pick out all the steak from the leftovers sitting in the cast iron skillet. However, I was able to rescue a few mushrooms for my breakfast this morning.


I made a mushroom and goat milk brie omelet alongside a toasted EarthGrains Thin Bun with apple butter. Mushroom and cheese omelets are the best!

Today is a bit crazy here at the HEAB household. We’re getting some new countertops installed, and our kitchen is going to be in disarray for the next couple of days…I see a lot of cereal in my future. :)

Thanks to everyone for all your input on the salad bar restaurant name yesterday. My friend was extremely grateful. :)

Question: What are your favorite omelet ingredients?