No Kitchen, No Internet, No Computer

by HEAB on June 16, 2010

Oh my gosh, what a day. We have no water in our kitchen, and our gas was shut off for the installation of our new countertops yesterday. I’m hoping it gets turned back on later today. Until then, it’s cold showers and no cooking. Our Internet has been down for the past 24 hours, and so I went to a coffee shop to blog and catch up on email. Ran into a friend, friend’s coffee ended up all over the table and my Mac, ruining my computer. My friend felt so bad, and I felt so bad for her – it’s the last thing either of needed today, but things happen. I’ve got a new computer with my name on it at the Apple store, and they’re trying to rescue some of my old data. Not sure if that’s possible as the hard drive was covered in vanilla latte, but I’m hopeful. Anyway, I’m now at my brother’s place borrowing his computer and just trying to breathe.

So, what does a food blogger with no kitchen eat?

I like to call this meal "Every Pregnant Woman's Dream"

For yesterday’s lunch, I used our toaster oven to cook myself up an all beef hot dog in a whole wheat bun with melted goat cheese and Bald Eagle Sauce (mustard and pickle relish all in one) with a side of sauerkraut.

Next up, we have today’s breakfast…

I like to call this one "Hello, I'm 5"

A month or so ago, I randomly bought a can of this…

Whole Food's answer to Spaghetti O's.

As you all know, I am not a fan of microwaves…something about changing the molecular structure of our food just seems wrong to me. So, when ours broke two years ago, we never bothered getting it repaired. Well, then came the decision to put in ┬ánew countertops and a backsplash, and we decided to go ahead and replace the microwave as well. This morning I used it to heat up my O’s and then toasted myself an Earthgrains Thin Bun with goat cheese. I have to admit this was delicious and brought back so many memories.

My one goal for today was to go on a walk, but not sure if that’s going to happen as I need to head back home and meet the plumber and electrician. So, I better get going. If you email me, it may be a while before I respond, but I promise to get back to you when I can.

Hope everyone’s day is going a little better than mine! :)