Veggies & Chocolate

by HEAB on June 18, 2010

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Everything finally fell into place yesterday morning. The plumber showed up, and I got in a long walk with the dogs. After making sure our kitchen sink was up and running, I went and met my good friend Rayna for lunch at our favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Wild Cow.


I didn’t even pick up the menu when I saw the special of the day…roasted tempeh with red pepper sauce, couscous with pesto, and roasted summer squash. I’d like one of those please, thank you. :)


Roasted tempeh, I love you!

CD was not due to arrive until about 9 PM, and I knew he would be starving when he got home. So, I decided to make one of his new favorite dinners, the chicken pot pie from Now Eat This .


However, no chicken pot pie for me last night. Nope, I wanted chocolate. So, I made some butternut squash fudge and ate several squares. I figured I got my veggies in at lunch, and there is nothing wrong with chocolate for dinner, right? 😉


Or breakfast for that matter…


Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal with almond milk and fudge. Great way to start the day!

How you did get your Friday started?