Microwave Convert

by HEAB on June 22, 2010

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This morning I woke up super sore from my 90-minute vinyasa class yesterday and decided to take the pups on a walk to loosen up my quads and hamstrings. It is so hot outside, and after a 40 minute walk, I had worked up quite an appetite. My cravings are all over the place these days, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted. I felt like I needed some protein, but I was also really craving something sweet…so I had both.

I melted one slice of goat cheese over some chicken breast strips, and then for my sweet, I tried something new: April’s Protein Cake. April, you’ve done it…I’m now a fan of the microwave, an appliance I’ve avoided using for years.

Oh my goodness, April’s recipe could not be more simple! I used Jay Robb’s chocolate rice protein powder and Trader Joe’s chunky spiced apples instead of the pumpkin. Here was my cake after microwaving…


After cooking, I simply popped it out of the mug with a knife, cut it in half, and smothered it in Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter. Loved loved LOVED it April! Every few bites, I would get a little apple chunk, and although I was a bit weary of the texture at first, it was like eating a light chocolate muffin. I see many more of these little cakes in my future!


Is it a 1,000 degrees where you live? Oh Colorado, I miss you!!!

PS – I started feeling the baby kick this week. :)