A Pizza Date & Kermit Muffins

by HEAB on June 26, 2010

Last night, CD and I went out for pizza with our friends Whitney and Nick.


We ate at Davinci’s, my favorite pizza restaurant in town…but I’m biased since I used to work there. :)

I ordered a large garden salad and split a vegetable pie pizza with Whitney.

IMG_5241.JPG IMG_5243.JPG

So yummy! Whitney and Nick, I loved getting to hang out with the two of you, and I’m already looking forward to next time!

I was full after dinner, and Chris and I were anxious to get home as it looked like it was about to storm. Radley, our youngest pup, freaks out whenever there is thunder. However, on the way home, the skies cleared, and I mentioned I wanted ice-cream. CD has learned not to question my cravings and headed straight for Sweet CeCe’s for some frozen yogurt. Good job CD! :)


I was kind of surprised when the cashier asked me if I was pregnant (must have been the boobs 😉 ), but apparently yogurt is buy one get one free for expecting couples…why did I not know about this?!? Such a fun evening with my hubby and friends. I totally OD’d on the dairy, but it was worth it!

Oh, and yesterday, I was craving more cake and or muffins, so I made some greenish ones…and enjoyed two for breakfast this morning in a big goat milk yogurt mess along with Trader Joe’s High Fiber twigs, and a peach.

IMG_5237.JPG IMG_5248.JPG

For the recipe, please click here. (They are low carb as well dairy and gluten-free).

Hope everyone has a good Saturday. CD and I are off to a birthing class to learn all about the joys of labor. :)