The Morning Veggie Mess Is Back

by HEAB on July 3, 2010

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Lately, I’ve been waking up a lot of mornings craving sweet sweet sweet. However, after one too many pieces of the gender cake over the past 24 hours, I was ready for anything but sweet this morning! I woke up at 7 AM starving and ransacked our fridge for every savory item I could find. The following is what I ended up with…let me see if I can remember everything I threw into the skillet…

First up, I sauteed an 8 ounce container of sliced mushrooms with a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes and Wing Sauce (I am obsessed with that stuff these days!). I then threw in some grilled chicken breast strips and several cups of baby spinach. Once the spinach was cooked down, I poured in 1 egg whisked together with 2 egg whites and scrambled away. At the last minute I added 1 slice of goat milk cheese. I think that’s it. :)


Ahh, a big veggie egg scramble…just like old times. So delicious!

However, I do have one sweet to share with you guys before I go. Even though I failed at making a chocolate chip vagina cake, one of my favorite readers got creative and made one in honor of the HEABlet. I about fell out of my chair yesterday when I received the photos of the cake via email. Are you ready for this?

I present to you Carolyn’s Va-Jaycake

The ingredients used…


The final product…

P1000052 (2).JPG

Close up of the lovely artwork…


Haha, I had no idea they even made strawberry Whoppers. Oh Carolyn how you make me laugh, and just so you know, I hear her husband thoroughly enjoyed the cake! 😉

On a more serious note, I was honored when Dana asked me to take part in her Love Your Body series, and to read my post, please click here.