What season is it?

by HEAB on July 10, 2010

I love summer. As much as I’ve been complaining about the heat, there is nothing like walking outside in shorts and a tank top and being comfortable. I’d much rather have a 90 degree day full of warm sunshine on my face than a 20 degree day full of rain and gloom. Another thing I am lovin about summer? The produce! Berries are so good right now. Have you made Polly’s blueberry crumble yet?


I am also loving on some cucumbers! There’s been chilled cucumber soup and lots of simple cucumber salads in my life these days…


Cucumbers and cherry tomatoes soaked in vinegar, salt, and pepper overnight. Yum!

So, as much as I love my summer foods (Peaches are starting to come in by the way – yay!), I keep making a certain fall-like dish over and over.


I cannot get enough of this warm butterscotch pudding!

Many thanks to Whitney who pointed me in the direction of Harris Teeter, a grocery store here in Nashville that actually has pumpkin stocked. I bought a few cans and this morning ate pumpkin pudding from the waning peanut butter jar.


So yummy, but I actually think I like my butternut squash version better.

Today, CD and I are attending an all day labor and delivery massage workshop…and for some reason, I am much more excited about it than he is. 😉

What are some of your favorite seasonal foods/recipes?