A Friend Inspired Breakfast

by HEAB on July 13, 2010

Time to wake up from your HEAB induced sugar coma. 😉

So happy to hear that many of you enjoyed my chocolate peanut butter explosion post yesterday, and I hear several of you even ordered a Vita-Mix of your very own. So exciting!

This morning, I decided to balance out all of my sweet posts as of late with a little something savory. Our kitchen is once again in disarray as we had the crew working last night to install our new backsplash. However, some bad storms forced them to close-up shop and go home before the job was finished. So, now we have half a backsplash, and I wasn’t able to put our kitchen back together. Anyway, I woke up early this morning and somehow managed to find a skillet and a cutting board, all I needed to make this delicious creation…


Huevos con queso y tortillas de maiz

Yum, yum, and yum! One of my good friends (Hey Rayna!) is always telling me about her favorite breakfast made by Kevin, her fiance, and I decided to make my own variation of it this morning. Kevin likes to add whole wheat tortilla strips to their scrambled eggs, and I did the same, but with corn tortillas. I heated a skillet over medium high heat, greased it up a bit, and then sauteed sliced mushrooms, chopped bell pepper, and cherry tomatoes until cooked. Next up, I threw in a few handfuls of spinach, and allowed it to cook down until wilted. I then threw in 2 corn tortillas cut into little squares. After the tortillas were warm, I added 1 egg whisked with 2 egg whites to the mix, scrambled everything together, and at the last minute threw in several cubes of goat cheese. After the cheese melted, I topped the whole mess with a few shakes of wing sauce, and then sat down to a really tasty breakfast. The melted cheese mixed with the eggs and the corn tortilla strips was so good! Many thank to Kevin and Rayna for the idea.

Now I sit and wait for the backsplash guys to return…home renovations require much waiting.

Any projects you’d like to do to your house or apartment?