Need A Personal Trainer?

by HEAB on July 14, 2010

One of my goals during pregnancy is to stay active. I’ve definitely backed down on my activity level, but I believe it’s important to exercise for both my health and the baby’s. So, I’ve been taking at least one 90-minute vinyasa class a week and doing some prenatal yoga at home. I also try to get in a 30 to 60 minute walk most days of the week. During the first trimester, it was a good day if I even got out of bed, but now I’m feeling great and getting back into my exercise groove.

Chris and I are planning on taking a Baby-moon (as our doctor likes to call it) next month. We’ve rented a lake house, and we’re packing up the dogs and heading North for the month of August to get in some quality family time before our lives completely change come November. Anyway, since I’ll be away from my yoga studio, I decided to pack my exercise ball and a few dumbbells to help me stay in shape while we’re gone. Fortunately, my favorite personal trainer (OK, so Lindsey is the only personal trainer I’ve ever worked with, but I loved her!) has agreed to give me workouts for the entire month that we’re away. I am so grateful as Lindsey exercised throughout all three of her pregnancies, and so I feel completely comfortable with her recommendations. Thanks Lindsey!

For any new readers, I worked with Lindsey, an online personal trainer, this past January as a part of Charlotte’s Great Fitness Experiment Challenge, and I saw great results. You can read all about my experience here. You can also read about experiences others have had with Lindsey here and here.

Exciting news: Lindsey has also graciously offered to provide 30 of my readers with personal workouts for the month of August as well. So exciting as now I’ll have 30 friends to help keep me accountable! To enter the giveaway, please email Lindsey at and let her know you’d like to enter. Lindsey will accept emails today, Wednesday July 14 through Friday, July 16 at noon (EST) and then pick 30 random winners and notify them by Monday, July 19. Who’s in? Come on, we can do this together!

Speaking of chocolate…wait, were we speaking of chocolate? Um, you’re reading HEAB…we’re always talking chocolate around here. 😉 Anyway, I wanted to share my breakfast with you before I leave for my morning walk…


I used to love eating chocolate Jello-O pudding slow cooked on the stove-top and served warm with Cool Whip. This morning I HEABified and made the world’s easiest chocolate pudding: 1 can of pureed butternut squash (about 2 cups), 1 TBSP dark cocoa powder, and 1 super ripe banana whirled in the Vita-Mix until warm. I skipped the Cool Whip. 😉 Don’t forget, the sale on reconditioned Vita-Mix blenders ends soon.

Again, many thanks to Lindsey! Go email her right now!