Bringing Back The Crack

by HEAB on July 16, 2010

Remember Mama Pea’s Crack Wrap? I sure do! Back before Mama Pea went vegan, I would stare longingly at those beautiful wraps bursting forth with hummus and melted cheese. However, I was trying really hard to avoid dairy, but then I discovered the miracle that is goat cheese. Since I’ve been eating it, I’ve had no problems (you can read about why I avoid dairy here), and it is so nice to have cheese back in my life. I’ve read that our bodies often digest the proteins in goat milk products better than the proteins found in cow’s milk. Well, it seems to be working for me, and so this morning, I decided to make myself some Crack


I warmed two corn tortillas in a skillet on the stovetop over medium heat until warm. I then spread a dollop of hummus in each along with a slice of goat cheese. I rolled them up, placed them back in the skillet, and covered them until the cheese melted. The corn tortillas got crispy, and the gooey cheese was so good. Too bad I didn’t have any guac or salsa for dipping – next time for sure!

Speaking of crack, I ordered my first pair of maternity jeans. Um, why has no one told me about the wonders of maternity jeans before?!? I’m still fitting into my regular jeans, but the GAP was having a major online sale, and so I took advantage. I ordered these jeans, and I love them!


Oh my gosh, the big panel totally holds in all your “stuff”. Forget Spanx, I am all about the maternity panel. It’s so comfy!

And look…


No crackage!

I just knew y’all were dying for a HEAB ass shot on this lovely Friday afternoon. 😉

If you get a chance this weekend, please check out my friend, Kristin’s book, Recovering Ramona. She has published the first 17 chapters online, and is pitching it to publishers soon. Kristin would love to hear your feedback in the comments. Thanks so much, and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)