Keeping It Light

by HEAB on July 18, 2010

Yesterday after the Nashville Beer Mile, Chris and I joined my family for dinner at Cantina Laredo. They come and make the guacamole right at your table, and there was a lot of the following consumed by yours truly…


Oh gosh, I was so full. This morning I woke up with zero appetite and decided NOT to celebrate Pancake Sunday. However, after after an hour long walk with the dogs, lots of laundry, and a trip to Trader Joe’s, I was ready for lunch, and kept it light and summery. ‘Twas perfect. :)


I kicked things off with a cucumber salad (cucumbers, rice wine vinegar, fresh lime juice, pepper, and stevia). JacobC, friend, champion chocolate milk miler, and reader of HEAB, was kind enough to bring Chris and I some homegrown tomatoes yesterday. Thanks Jacob! So, I knew I had to incorporate one into my lunch. Jacob, they are so good! I warmed two corn tortillas in a skillet over medium heat and added some grilled chicken breasts strips and 1 slice of goat cheese. I then popped them into a warm toaster oven until the cheese melted, removed them, added a slice of tomato to each along with a big dollop of Katie’s raw vegan creamy pesto. Katie, I love you as this pesto is amazing! Summer tomatoes + fresh pesto = happiness…and melted cheese is of course good all year-round. 😉


Many of you wrote to tell me you really liked the idea of homemade detergent, and so I wanted to share another homemade non-toxic recipe that is perfect for this time of year. Radley, our youngest pup, is super sensitive to just about everything. The last time we used Frontline on her, she had a bad reaction. Since I wanted to avoid any other kind of flea/tick repellent containing chemicals, I started making it myself. This works great as a bug repellent for people too, and I actually spray it on all our door frames and entryways as well. Plus, it doesn’t stink!


1 large lemon, sliced

3 to 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary or 1 TBSP dried rosemary

1 quart boiling water


Place the lemon and rosemary in a large ceramic or glass bowl. Add the boiling water and allow to steep overnight. Strain the next day and pour the lemon rosemary water into a spray bottle. Store in fridge and spray pets every few days. Just make sure to avoid their eyes…also make sure to give them a treat afterwards.

Do you tend to attract mosquitoes? They love CD’s blood but for some reason, I never get nearly as many bites as he does. Perhaps it’s all the stinky broccoli I eat? 😉