The Return of Chia Seeds

by HEAB on August 1, 2010

Remember my love affair with chia seeds last year? I was sprinkling them in and on everything I ate, but for the last several months, I kind of forgot about those little powerhouse seeds. So, while packing for our trip, I threw a bag of them in my backpack and decided to bring back an old favorite while staying in Michigan: Protein Chia Oats.


Protein Chia Oats with TJ’s Unsalted Crunchy Peanut Butter

I’d forgotten how yummy and filling this recipe is – you must try it if you haven’t done so already! You can click here for the recipe, and you can easily sub rolled oats for the oat bran which is what I did this morning. Speaking of chia seeds, I order mine from Chia Seeds Direct, and the company is currently offering discounts on some of their larger bags of chia seeds. You guys know I try and avoid Internet food purchases, but trust me, chia seeds are a much better deal when ordered online. My Whole Foods charges $20 a pound, and they’re only $25 for 2 pounds (includes priority mail shipping) at Chia Seeds Direct, and no, the company does not pay me to tell you this. :)

Tomorrow, the workouts from Lindsey, my online personal trainer, begin. Lindsey was kind enough to design a month of workouts tailored specifically to me and the HEABlet…and I think they’re going to kick my pregnant booty! I packed my dumbbells and an exercise ball, and I can’t wait to get started. To all of you out there who won my personal training giveaway, you must keep me posted on how you’re doing. Yay, we can get our butts kicked together!

Some photos from out trip thus far…This lakefront is less than a 5 minute walk from the house we rented…


Chris taking Einstein for a swim. Isn’t my hubby so cute? 😉

Oh, and I did mention that I did NOT bring my Vita-Mix?!? I normally tote that thing along on all of our vacations lasting more than a week, but I decided to see what life is like without my beloved blender. Do you think I’ll survive? Wait, before you answer that, guess what else is located within walking distance of where we’re staying…


Yes, that says 24 flavors of soft serve available, and yes, I’m kind of regretting not having the Vita with me now. Oh well, if I can’t have protein ice-cream in my life, The Dairy Bar just might be my new best friend. 😉

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!