Who Needs Artisana?!?

by HEAB on August 2, 2010

Hi pies (Erin, still missing you! 😉 ) It’s a cool and rainy morning in Michigan today. We have the windows open, and there is a lovely breeze blowing off the lake. So, even though the sun isn’t shining, I can’t complain, and as much as I love my hometown of Nashville, I am not missing the heat AT ALL!

Yesterday, Chris and I walked around Fife Lake a bit, and then just spent the rest of the day being bums…well, after Chris ran 12 miles. It’s so nice to get in some R&R together. When I’m at home, I just can’t seem to sit still as there is always something to get done, but here, I have no qualms about just lying around and watching TV or reading a good book. I’m currently reading When Autumn Leaves , a book I borrowed from my friend, Kristin. It’s so good – thanks Kristin!

For dinner last night, I made a simple salad consisting of spinach, crumbled goat cheese, smoked oysters, and Hummy Mustard dressing (minus the stevia). I cannot handle raw oysters, but I loved the smoked ones, and thankfully for me, they are super high in iron.


After dinner, I made some of Averie’s Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn with a few dark chocolate chips thrown into the mix.


The best part of this popcorn is definitely the coconut oil/protein powder combo…it’s like chocolate coconut butter, and after a walk with the dogs this morning, I decided to make some for breakfast.


I melted about 1 TBSP of coconut oil (I like the Garden of LIfe brand) and stirred it together with 1 heaping TBSP of Jay Robb’s chocolate rice protein powder. I then spread it on 2 pieces of cherry pecan bread toast. Oh my, what a decadent tasting breakfast. The chocolate coconut butter reminds me a lot of Artisana’s Cacao Bliss, but with no added sugar. I can’t find Cacao Bliss in Nashville, but I no longer care as I think I like my homemade version better!

I’m going to get back to When Autumn Leaves and then do my workout later this morning. Today is strength training, and I already know I’m going to be sore tomorrow as I haven’t touched a dumbbell since January. Wish me luck!

Have you tried Artisana’s Cacao Bliss? If you can’t find it…or afford it, I encourage you to simply make your own. You can either try my version above, or if you’re not a fan of protein powder, try Chocolate Covered Katie’s version using cocoa powder and agave. So simple, yet so yummy!