Don't Skimp!

by HEAB on August 4, 2010

My appetite is out of control…and my hamstrings are soooo sore. However, I did survive yesterday’s burpees, and let me tell ya, the one legged version is so much easier! I highly recommend them to all you burpee haters out there. :)

So, anyway, back to my appetite. I could not satiate my hunger yesterday, and then I got to thinking about my activity level. Let’s see, I started the day off with an 60-minute trail walk with the pups. I then did my 20 minute cardio metabolic circuit from Lindsey. There was also an afternoon walk with the dogs followed by a swim in the lake. Can’t believe I’m about to post this next photo, but here is the latest belly shot…


Yes, I broke out the bathing suit, and honestly, I’m much more comfortable in it now that I’m pregnant. There’s just something about my new belly that I love. 😉

So, thinking back, I realized that although I’m relaxing a lot while we’re here, I’m still staying quite active. However, the last thing I need to do is lose any weight this month. Therefore, I listened to my hunger and ate everything I was craving yesterday. Lunch was 2 eggs + 2 egg whites scrambled in butter with spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese, and mustard. I topped it off with some hummus and had a toasted pita on the side. P.S. I finally found the Joseph brand of pita bread. Oh my gosh, I love it. Joseph, why don’t you sell your products in Nashville?


Shortly after lunch, we walked up to the lake, and I was still hungry after swimming. Well, guess what sits right across the street from the lake? The Dairy Bar!!! Check out the soft serve selection:


I kid you not.

I went ahead and started at the top of the list and ordered myself a small Peppermint Patty cone.


Can you believe that was a small? It was huge!

Cone #1 was delicious, and there is no turning back now…in other words, I have a feeling there will be many more trips to The Dairy Bar while we’re here. However, that’s okay. I’m filling my days with activities that I enjoy, and an occasional ice-cream cone is not going to hurt me. Again, I’m just rolling with the cravings and listening to my body. Little HEABlet, you have already taught me so much, and for that I am grateful. :)

So, are you listening to your body today? Pay close attention to your hunger. Obviously, some days we are going to need more fuel than others, and it’s important not to restrict calories when your body is truly hungry. I used to try and eat the same amount of food everyday, no matter if I ran 2 miles or 10. That just doesn’t make any sense my friends…none at all.

One more question before I go: What flavor of soft serve should I try next? 😉