My Big Purple Ball

by HEAB on August 10, 2010

That title got your attention, didn’t it? 😉

Well, here is the ball I speak of…

Screen shot 2010-08-09 at 9.01.23 PM.png

Stephanie from American’s Nutrition, a website that sells a wide variety of products, from fitness gear to skincare, offered to send me one of their products for a review. Thanks Stephanie! I immediately chose the ZenZu Ball, and I am so glad I did. First off, I own an exercise ball that I purchased from Target, and honestly, it’s awful. It’s too small and kind of flimsy. Plus, I can’t remove the plug to add more air. In other words, it sits upstairs collecting dust. :(

I chose the ZenZu ball for several reasons.

A) I needed an exercise ball for my strength training workouts from Lindsey.


Look Lindsey, I did my workout yesterday. :)

B) I’ve been wanting to get one to use a chair


Works perfect!

C) I learned from both and Averie and my birthing class instructor that exercise balls are wonderful for pregnant women. By sitting on one, the mama-to-be is able to maintain balance and stability as her belly gets bigger, and the balls help to relieve strain on the hips and low back by forcing women to engage their abdominal muscles. It also promotes better posture, and I definitely need help in that area! The ball also makes abdominal exercises easier since after the 4th month of pregnancy, it’s difficult to lie flat on your back.

D) Exercise balls are wonderful for use in labor as well. According to this article, The birth ball allows you more flexibility in terms of positioning yourself during labor. We’ve all heard that upright and active positions help labor be more comfortable, give you a sense of control, as well as shortening the overall time of labor, however you may find yourself unsure of how to achieve the upright positions once in active labor when you begin to feeling tired. The birth ball allows you to sit in a semi-squatting position without straining the muscles of your legs. It will also allow you to assume a supported hands/knees position, or even place the ball on the hospital bed or couch of your living room and stand up leaning over it. You may find you appreciate being able to use these positions with or without a birth partner supporting you. Some mothers I’ve talked to also appreciate being able to rock side-to-side during contractions and feel it helped move their baby through the birth canal. During one of our birthing classes, CD and I practiced sitting on the ball in different positions for when contractions hit, and I was surprised to learn how useful it will be.

The ZenZu is so much better than the fitness ball I bought from Target. First off, it’s bigger, and since I’m 5’7″, my birth instructor recommended at least a 65cm ball, the size of the ZenZu. It’s also very sturdy, and I feel so supported when I sit on it. Plus, the ball was easy to inflate and came with a plug remover in case I should need to add more air or deflate the ball. I’ve already gotten so much use out of my ZenZu ball, and I know it will last me a long time. It will also be accompanying me to the hospital when it’s time to meet the HEABlet. :) Thanks again to American’s Nutrition – I love my ball! :)

Another thing I love?


Dearest Justin,

I wasn’t so sure about your chocolate nut butters at first, but now I dream of your chocolate hazelnut butter. Nothing makes me happier…except for maybe your chocolate almond butter. Also, I was never a fan of nut butters in packets. Why, why, why did I ever doubt the packet as they are truly brilliant! As long as you knead them really well, the nut butter oozes out just like frosting, and I love the spreadability factor. Now, if you could just figure out how to make packets of crunchy chocolate nut butter, I’d love you forever.


Heab :)

PS – Please start selling the chocolate line in Nashville!!!

Do you own a fitness ball? Personally, I think it’s one piece of exercise equipment everyone should own. They’re just so versatile!