The Fat Is Back

by HEAB on August 11, 2010

During my first trimester, all I could tolerate was carbs. Honestly, some days the only thing I could get down was a toasted Pop-Tart, frosted brown sugar cinnamon or cherry if you please. :) Can you believe that? I remember feeling so sick and thinking that Pop-Tarts were the only thing that sounded good and sent CD to the store to buy me a box. He actually called me from the cereal aisle at Kroger, and said, Heather Pie, do you know what’s in these things? Hehe, I believe my response was something like, Do not question me. Just bring them home now! I won’t get into who ended up eating most of the box, but I will say that after we both finished it off, there were no more Pop-Tart purchases. At about 15 weeks or so, I slowly began adding more foods back into my diet, but I still wasn’t able to tolerate many of my old favorites. In fact, up until just a few weeks ago, I still had trouble with the smell of certain vegetables cooking, but now I seem to be 100% back to my old self. In other words, I’m eating Brussels sprouts again. :)

I’ve starting to eat a lot more like I used to before the HEABlet came along. For any new readers, I tend to do better on a diet higher in fat with some carbs and protein. I never worry about fat, but I do try and stay away from sugar (although, I’ve had my fair share during the pregnancy). I’m not a fan of low fat anything, and my body tends to stay leaner when I make fat my macronutrient of choice. Think whole eggs over egg whites and salmon over lean chicken. Again, don’t ever fear the fat my friends. Fat will NOT make you fat, and our bodies need it to function. Often, I will do half egg white omelets just to keep the calories lower, but it’s so much better with at least one or two egg yolks in there. Yes, eat the yolk..after all, it contains most of the nutrients!

Here is my lunch and dinner from yesterday, two very typical HEAB-like meals…and yes, CD and I finally made a trip to the grocery store. :)


Salmon salad (leftover cooked salmon filet mixed with hummus, mustard, and dill pickles) served over a bed of wilted spinach with 2 hard boiled eggs.


A HEABified Cobb Salad

My salad consisted of Brussels sprouts and summer squash cooked with bacon and topped with 1/2 chopped avocado, a hardboiled egg, and Hummy Mustard dressing minus the stevia. Although I do and will always love my carbs, I feel much better and more satiated when I eat fat-filled meals. I don’t count fat grams, but when I have tracked it in the past, I typically get about 50 to 60% of my calories from fat, and I go way over the recommended dietary guidelines. Shhh, don’t tell the USDA 😉

We’re all different, and I’m curious to know, does your body prefer a certain macronutrient?