A Naturally Nutty Encounter

by HEAB on August 12, 2010

Yesterday, CD and drove to Traverse City to meet up with Katie Kearney, the founder and president of Naturally Nutty Foods Inc. We met at a farmer’s market taking place in downtown, and CD and I asked Katie all kinds of questions about her business.


Katie started making her signature nut butters in her own kitchen and three years later, Naturally Nutty products are now sold in 44 states across the country. Unfortunately, we couldn’t tour the manufacturing facility because her recipe is top secret, but Katie was kind enough to bring us a sample of a new product that she’s working on along with a Naturally Nutty reusable bag tied-died by her kids. :)


Katie, it was so nice to meet you, and your story amazes me! Plus, thanks so much for the almond butter sample – I feel so honored to be a taste-tester. The new flavor is a chia seed almond butter. That’s right, chia seeds + almond butter!!! Two of my favorite things together in one jar, and my particular jar is flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. Honestly, I have no idea how Katie added chia seeds to nut butter without getting a gloppy mess, but she did. She also managed to make it taste amazing!

Per Katie’s recommendation, CD and then I walked to Soul Hole for lunch, a restaurant specializing in eclectic southern cuisine. Southern cuisine in Michigan, huh? This I had to try. I ordered the shrimp and grits with a side of collard greens and CD had the rueben.


OK, I grew up on the South, and honestly, Soul Hole’s grits were some of the best I’ve ever tasted and super filling as well. My bowl didn’t look that big, but that meal kept me satiated for HOURS. However, I think there was probably about half a stick of butter in the grits. Mmmm, butter. :)

Then, thanks to a tip from my favorite Domestic Dharma and directions from Katie, we walked to Oryana, a natural foods coop near downtown. Check out the Naturally Nutty selection…


Oh my goodness, I was in heaven. Usually, I’m a simple nut butter girl, meaning I prefer no salt, no flavors, etc. However, sometimes, I really enjoy a good sweetened nut butter (I blame Justin), and I would love to be able to purchase the Naturally Nutty products in Nashville since I have banned myself from online nut butter orders. In fact, I think it’s been two years since I’ve had any of the company’s products, but I’m going to talk to a few stores when I get home and request (okay, beg) that they carry Katie’s nut butters.

Although I wanted to take home all of them, I only walked away with one jar…it was a difficult decision, but this is what I chose…


After exploring Traverse City a bit more, we drove back to Fife Lake, and I finally started to get hungry about 6 hours after lunch. So, I made myself a turkey & egg scramble and ate it alongside a leftover baked sweet potato topped with the almond cinnamon vanilla chia seed butter.


Really Katie, how do you pack your nut butter with chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds, and get it to taste like a decadent dessert without a ton of sugar?!? Well, however you do it, all I have to say is thank you!

Can’t wait to bust open my new sunflower seed butter for breakfast this morning, and someday, I WILL try the Pepita Sun Butter…oh, and the Mocha PB as well! May have to lift the online nut butter ban for those two. 😉

Is Naturally Nutty available in your area, and if so, which flavor is your favorite?