HEAB Electrified

by HEAB on August 17, 2010

The power is back! We had an electrician here all day yesterday working on repairing the power lines – he had to move the electric box or something. Then the power company showed up and by 4 PM, we had lights and water. I laughed with joy when I turned on the faucet in the kitchen sink and there was water. I immediately washed all our dirty dishes while CD went straight to the TV to catch up on football news. Typical. :)

After yesterday’s perverse oats and my cardio metabolic circuit from Lindsey, I decided I needed protein and veggies for lunch. However, without power, that wasn’t happening. So, after Chris finished up some work and checked in with his office from the local library (he’s able to work from Michigan as long as we have Internet), I leashed up the pups and walked up to the Loon’s Nest Restaurant to meet him for lunch.


I ordered the chicken salad minus the sweet dressing, pineapple, mandarin oranges, and dried cherries. Really people, I wanted chicken salad, not a fruit salad. It was perfect and so filling. I find that I get so full these days…I think it’s just the HEABlet taking up room down below. :)


Chicken salad, heavy on the cashews, just the way I like it!

Since we had guys working all over the house yesterday, CD and I decided to spend the afternoon down by the water with the dogs. It was such a nice day – sunny and in the 70’s, and I love getting to spend the afternoons with my hubby. Plus, I think school is now back in session as we practically had the whole little beach to ourselves. Such a peaceful day.

After getting back home and discovering we had electricity, CD went to the grocery store. He arrived home with lots of yummy veggies, and I immediately made myself a big stir-fry with butter, cabbage slaw mix, Brussels sprouts, onions, and celery. I then topped it with some of the goat cheese Carolyn brought us. It was just what I needed!


As much as I love oats and other various forms of carbs, if I don’t get in some greens and protein, I just feel gross and over-carbed. Do you get that way?

Today’s workout was an early morning long walk with the dogs followed by a long hot shower…I love indoor plumbing. :)

PS – Carolyn, the butter and cheese from The Boulevard Market are both amazing!