Bad Fats?

by HEAB on August 18, 2010

Every time I write a post on fats, people always respond that they love their good or healthy fats, but I think my idea of good fat is probably a bit different from most other food bloggers out there. Trans fats? Very bad, but saturated fats? Nah, I like them. :)

I used to use cooking spray oil, canola oil, Smart Balance, etc., but I haven’t touched any of that stuff in a while. (Does anyone else have a problem with cooking spray oil ruining their pots and pans?). Now I stick to mostly butter, ghee, and coconut oil for all my baking and cooking. I mean if you think about it, all 3 have been around for years, and were used by our ancestors…before the rise of heart disease or the obesity epidemic we have on our hands today. Modern day canola oil, cooking spray oil, Smart Balance, etc…they are all highly processed and have been around just a few years in the relative scheme of things. Wouldn’t you rather stick with the real stuff? I know I’m always HEABifying my meals, desserts, etc., but when it comes to fats, my rule of thumb is to eat them the way nature intended us to…

like real butter…


Yesterday’s breakfast: A few small slices of toasted Great Harvest raisin walnut bread with Naturally Nutty nut butters and one big slice smeared with butter and Trader Joe’s reduced sugar strawberry preserves. Butter and jam…really, does it get any better?

Or how about some bacon?


Yesterday’s lunch: Heated brown rice tortilla stuffed with mashed avocado, mustard, bacon, and deli turkey slices fried alongside bacon. Bacon makes everything better. :)

Dinner involved bacon as well…


Veggies stir-fried with bacon and topped with herbed goat cheese. Delicious!

I know, I know…bacon and butter are high in cholesterol. Coconut oil is nothing but saturated fat. They’ll all cause heart disease and are “bad” fats. I’m not going to get into the science here on HEAB, but I encourage and challenge each of you to question conventional wisdom when it comes to your health. Compare the way our ancestors looked to the way people in society look now…quite a difference, no? All I know is that my grandpa milked his own cows and churned his own butter, and there was no skimming the fat off anything. He worked hard and lived a long life. He was not overweight, did not develop Type II Diabetes, and never had heart problems. I don’t know…just something to think about.

I’ll leave you with an updated belly photo. 27 weeks down and only 13 more to go. The HEABlet is growing and kicking like crazy and now weighs over 2 pounds. I already love her so much. :)