I ♥ Michigan

by HEAB on August 20, 2010

Yesterday, CD stayed in Fife Lake to work, and I drove the 25 miles to Traverse City solo. First, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Sarah from Savoring Sarah for a delicious lunch at Old Town Coffee.
I took Sarah’s advice and ordered the Little Buddha Wrap made with Brownwood Farms Famous Kream Mustard, a locally produced mustard.  We sat outside for over an hour soaking in the sunshine while enjoying great food and conversation.
Sarah is a northern Michigan native and filled me in on her home state. Honestly, I can’t get over how beautiful this area is, and I kept telling Sarah how much CD and I were enjoying our time here. In fact, we’re thinking of skipping out on Colorado and coming back to Michigan next summer. As much as I love the Colorado Rockies, Michigan has proven to be the perfect vacation spot. We love the weather, and I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy being so close to the water.  Thanks again for a wonderful lunch Sarah.  It was so nice to meet you, and hopefully, I’ll get to see you again next summer…Oh, and the hummus wrap was an excellent choice…must have been the mustard. :)
I then walked up the street to Oryana, the health food coop CD and I visited last time we were in town. There I met up with Katie, founder and president of Naturally Nutty Foods Inc., for some more samples of her wonderful nut butters, and you can expect some giveaways when I return home to Nashville. Thanks Katie – I LOVE your products and can’t wait to spread the Naturally Nutty love…OK, that’s kind of a lie. Part of me really wants to keep all the samples for myself, but I promise to share. :)
It was then time to go home, and on the way out of town, I stopped by Morsels, recommended to me by reader Claudine…Actually, that would be another lie as I had to drive a few blocks out of my way to get there…but so worth it!
A bite-sized bakery?  Brilliant concept, no?

I chose a carrot cake and a chocolate flourless cake morsel.
The little cakes were the perfect size and tasted so fresh.  Thanks for the tip Claudine!

By the time I arrived back to our cottage in Fife Lake, it was late afternoon. CD was working from the library, and so I leashed up the pups for an hour long trail walk. When I got home, CD and I busted into the Naturally Nutty samples.  I had a bowl of vanilla protein oats (I used a clean Naturally Nutty jar as my bowl since the place we’re staying only has plastic bowls, and I’m not a fan of putting hot food in plastic.) topped with Chocolate Butter Toffee Peanut Butter and Vanilla Almond Butter.
CD simply made a bowl of out of the Vanilla Almond Butter jar and topped it with a few chocolate chips…
How could I not love this boy?!? And no, he did not eat the whole jar. :)

Not sure what today holds, but I’m about to start it off with a walk.  Have you ever been to northern Michigan? If not, I highly recommend it. The local nut butters and mustard are worth the drive alone. 😉