Heather Eats Seed Butter

by HEAB on August 24, 2010

Thanks to everyone who left me a comment yesterday regarding avoiding food allergies in babies. I must admit that I’m now more confused than ever as there is so much conflicting info. out there. The two pieces of advice that I definitely plan to follow are to take a daily probiotic and to breastfeed for at least 6 months. I actually have a bottle of these probiotics in the fridge at home, but I am so bad about taking one everyday. However, that’s going to change when I get home! I also plan to nurse for at least 6 months, if not longer as I know breast milk offers the best possible nutrition for the HEABlet and will help to strengthen her immune system as well. As far as my food intake goes, some of you said it helps to abstain from likely allergens while others of you said it is important to introduce the baby to these foods. So, what I’m thinking is I’m going to continue to avoid soy and cow’s milk proteins since I have problems with those myself (I won’t lie…I still really want to try Moomer’s ice-cream before we leave Michigan!). Other than that, I’m going to continue eating how I normally do, but perhaps eat less wheat and peanut butter. Also, I tend to eat the same foods over and over, and I’m going aim for more variety.

Let’s see, breakfast yesterday was Great Harvest Extreme Cinnamon bread (dessert on a plate I tell ya!) with Naturally Nutty Pepita Sun Seed Butter and butter + strawberry preserves.


Thank goodness for seed butters! Although I love my peanut and nut butters, I’m going to try eat more pumpkin and sunflower seed butters. Plus, once this loaf of cinnamon deliciousness is gone, I’m not going to buy any more wheat bread.

Something else I’m going to be eating more of????


Brown rice tortillas! Love these things, and I ate one for lunch yesterday stuffed with bacon, turkey, and mashed avocado.

About 5 minutes after lunch, I was still hungry and made another tortilla stuffed with Pepita Sun Seed Butter and 1 square of unsweetened chocolate, all melted and ooey-gooey. That did the trick – I was stuffed!


Dinner was veggies stir-fried in butter with mustard stirred in at the end and topped with goat cheese.


And my post-dinner snack consisted of 1/2 cup oats cooked in water in the waning Vanilla Almond Butter jar with 1 square unsweetened chocolate. Again, not giving up peanut/nut butters entirely, just going to try and incorporate more seed butters into my life.


I think this is my favorite Naturally Nutty Nut Butter thus far. Very sad it’s all gone. :(

So, that’s the plan: daily probiotic, breastfeed, eat less wheat, dairy, peanuts & nuts, and eat a larger variety of foods. Again, the HEABlet and I thank you for all your advice. In fact, my stomach was jumping all over the place as I typed this post. I think CD and I might have a little gymnast on our hands. :)

Two things before I go,

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