Dreaming Of Home

by HEAB on August 28, 2010

Thanks to all of your for your positive feedback regarding HEAB’s new design. As far as two posts a day, I only plan on posting multiple times when I have a lot to say. Sometimes, I think my posts are too long, and on those days, I will do a few smaller posts. However, sometimes, I really don’t have much to say (no comment CD!), and that’s when I’ll stick to just one post a day. Sound good? Oh, and regarding the comments, I used to be able to reply both directly to the blog and to the commenter via email. However, now, I can only do one or the other. Since many people like to see my answers to other’s questions, I’m thinking of responding in the comment section only. I’ve installed a plug-in that allows you to receive follow-up comments via email, or you could just check back in to see my answer. I’m sorry I can’t do both like I used to, and I’d like to hear your input regarding the new plan.

OK, onto the eats! Remember my infamous Restaurant Rules post? Well, I got to thinking about the salad in that post…well actually, it was more like, if I can’t eat my beloved Provence salad this very minute, I will get in the car and drive the 11 hours back to Nashville.


I somehow managed to talk myself out of the drive, and attempted to recreate the salad based on ingredients we had on hand..which isn’t too easy in Fife Lake, MI!

Attempt #1…


Using the last of my goat cheese from Carolyn (sniff sniff), I made a spinach, goat cheese, turkey, and bacon salad. Alas, there were no golden beets, and there was definitely no molasses for me to whip up a batch of Provence’s amazing whole grain mustard sorghum molasses dressing. So, I simply squirted my plate with Dijon mustard. It was good but didn’t quite get the job done. By the way, I highly recommend cooking your turkey slices with your bacon for just a few minutes as it adds so much flavor to plain ‘ole turkey!

Still dreaming of my salad the following day, I present you with attempt #2…


My sweet husband was able to track down some hummus for me so that I could make some decent salad dressings. Thanks CD!


Hummus, I’ve missed you. :)

So, I made the same salad, but this time added Hummy Mustard dressing (minus the stevia) and some warmed Great Harvest Extreme Cinnamon bread on the side. Despite there being no goat cheese or beets, this plate made me very happy. Honestly, I think it was the 2 big cinnamon rolls…um, I mean pieces of bread that made the difference. :)

As much as I am LOVING Michigan, there are several things I really miss about Nashville:

1) My family and friends

2) My kitchen

3) Trader Joe’s

4) The Vita-Mix!!!!

5) My yoga studio

Other than that, I don’t really miss much about being home as I never seem to slow down while I’m there. Plus, I hear the weather has been miserable! It’s been really good for me to take it easy these past few weeks, and we are thoroughly enjoying the babymoon. I’m just so grateful for all the downtime with CD and the pups.

IMG_5796.JPG IMG_5797.JPG

Hehe, they’ll let us do anything to them after a long walk. :)

Speaking of long walks with the pups, we’re about to hit the snowmobile trails, and then CD and I are off to the farmer’s market in Traverse City. What has been your favorite farmer’s market find as of late? I’m dying for some fresh local eggs myself!