I Don’t Eat Bacon At Every Meal

by HEAB on August 28, 2010

CD and I just got back from Traverse City, aka civilization. As much as I love staying in the quiet little (and I mean LITTLE) town of Fife Lake, I’m grateful we’re not too far away from some bigger cities. This morning, we went to the Sara Hardy Farmer’s Market as well as Oryana, a local health food coop.

IMG_5808.JPG IMG_5809.JPG

I tried one of those Shiro plums, and it was delicious!

We arrived home with blueberries, peaches, dark chocolate for CD as he doesn’t like my unsweetened squares, Einstein’s dog food (Radley prefers this brand), Puffins (Honey Rice – a new flavor for me!), homemade 6-cheese Italian bread, a butternut squash the size of my arm, and a box of my beloved Garden Herb Sunshine Burgers. Many thanks to Lara for the coupon for a free box…so happy I finally got to cash in on it!


I forgot the eggs! :(

Once we got home, I immediately made myself some lunch.


A warmed brown rice tortilla stuffed with spinach, hummus, mustard, and a Sunshine burger alongside one of my Babygold Clingstone peaches from the farmers market. As you all know, I love meat, but there are often days when I eat completely vegan without even realizing it. However, that won’t be the case today as we’re having some friends from Chicago drive up to stay with us tonight, and CD is making his almond butter chili which we plan to serve with our farmer’s market bread. Can’t wait…and there may just be a trip to the Fife Lake Dairy Bar post dinner…


I’m pretty excited…can you believe it’s been almost a week since my last ice-cream cone?!?

Anyone else make it to a farmer’s market today. If so, what did you buy?