Inspired By Peanut Butter Boy

by HEAB on September 7, 2010

After all of you shared some of your favorite ideas for savory hot cereal ideas on this post, I couldn’t wait to get back to Nashville and try some of them. First up was Peanut Butter Boy’s Spicy Hominy and Oats. Thanks Nick!

Look who came back into my life for this very special breakfast..


Early on in my pregnancy, I had a very bad experience with my beloved tahini. I used to drizzle tahini in and on everything, but I got really sick after eating it one night and haven’t really wanted any since. Well, when we arrived home Saturday night, I had a sample of Artisana’s Cashini Butter waiting for me. It’s a blend of raw cashews, raw sesame seeds, and Celtic Sea Salt, and the jar said it would make a great peanut butter replacement. So, I decided to try it in Nick’s recipe this morning, and as far as the wing sauce goes, all I have to say is Emeril, I love you. I’m so glad we’ve been reunited 😉

Now onto my amazing breakfast…


I followed Nick’s recipe, using a combo of oat bran and quick cooking grits. I also subbed water for the skim milk and the Cashini Butter for spicy peanut butter. I didn’t have any PB2 on hand, but I bet some Trader Joe’s peanut flour would have worked just as well, right Sarena? Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of that either. Oh well, my bowl was still delicious…and so filling. I’m stuffed! I loved the taste of the Cashini Butter, but the flavor isn’t as strong as regular PB. I think next time, I would add it on top rather than stir it in, so that I can taste it more with each bite. I also think this would taste amazing topped with a runny egg or perhaps even some crumbled blue cheese? So many possibilities!

So, speaking of Artisana, besides the Cashini Butter, I also received a few more goodies from the company while I was away…


They now sell individual serving size squeeze packets. So exciting!! I also received a jar of Cacao Bliss and raw almond butter. Thanks Artisana! Would you like to share in the wealth? Simply leave a comment below telling me which of the company’s nut butters you would like to try, and I’ll send one lucky winner a squeeze pack…or two. 😉