The HEABlet’s Diet

by HEAB on September 8, 2010

CD and I often discuss how we’ll feed the HEABlet…gosh, I can’t wait to share her name with you guys. I feel kind of bad referring to my daughter by my blog’s namesake, but hopefully she doesn’t mind too much. Anyway, back to her diet. Despite our ice-cream slips, Chris and I both try and make good food choices most of the time. We avoid sugar, we eat vegetables galore, and we don’t keep many of the foods/beverages in our house that most people consider staples. Bread is a rarity in our house, and the only drink we usually have to offer our guests is water…or perhaps some HEABified coconut milk. The thought of purchasing juice or soda never even crosses my mind. We don’t keep much cereal in the house (besides Puffins of course), and I don’t plan on ever buying my child Pop-Tarts or other sugar-laden breakfast foods (Ha, I hope she doesn’t ever read about my first trimester cravings!) So, I guess as far as our kitchen goes, Chris and I don’t stock it with many typical American eats, and I’m curious to see how our way of eating will work when two soon becomes three. :)

What I do know is that I don’t want to be the mom forbidding pizza or birthday cake. I want to be able to take the HEABlet to Moomers and let her enjoy a scoop of real ice-cream when we go back to Michigan. I don’t want her friends to make fun of her “healthy” packed lunches. I don’t want her to grow up surrounded by food rules – I knew a girl like that and she would binge on sugar every time she came over to my house because she wasn’t allowed any sweets at home. All that being said, I do want our daughter to eat well, and I guess the best we can do is to simply lead by example and make wise food choices the majority of the time. The basic plan is to nurse for as long as I can, and then introduce the HEABlet to the same foods we eat when she shows interest in solid foods. I’m thinking sweet potatoes and avocados to start, and we’ll just go from there. I want to make all of her food myself, and although I know you can’t really plan ahead when it comes to child rearing, I really do hope that the HEABlet enjoys the same foods that Chris and I eat. I don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Thankfully, it seems like more and more people are doing what they can to improve the way children eat today, one of them being Alisa Fleming, founder of After seeing a “Back to School” ad from her local grocer showcasing nothing but snack foods processed with chemicals, Alisa set out to create a wonderful e-cookbook filled with recipes and tips for healthy eating. She reached out to many well-respected healthy food bloggers, and received a very positive response, resulting in the following…


Alisa is offering Smart School Time Recipes, an e-book filled with 125 kid-friendly healthy recipes, on her blog for free. Simply click here to download your copy. Personally, I can’t wait to try some of the gluten free muffins and the turkey pretzel meatballs with savory PB sauce…oh and the baked sweet potato falafel sounds amazing, and don’t even get me started on the dessert section! Many thanks to Alisa for all the time and energy she put into this project and for spreading the love of healthier foods in the diets of both young and old. I have a feeling the HEABlet will be enjoying many of the book’s recipes in the not so distant future. :)