Hemp Does Not Have To Taste Like Dirt

by HEAB on September 9, 2010

Thanks so much for all your encouragement regarding the HEABlet’s diet, and yes, I definitely plan on sharing my baby food recipes with all of you when I start experimenting.

This afternoon’s post is all about some chocolate lovin’. Last night after dinner, I was in the mood for something cold and sweet…read I was really missing the Fife Lake Dairy Bar. Protein ice-cream to the rescue! As you all know, I do not like putting anything hot into plastic jars, but I’ll eat cold foods from plastic on occasion. 😉


Chocolate protein ice-cream in the waning Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter Jar. Hit the spot!

For this morning’s breakfast, I decided to try something new. While away, Manitoba Harvest sent me some of their hemp protein products to try.


Thanks Manitoba!

Now, for any new readers out there, I have never been a big fan of hemp protein powder. Hemp seeds I like, but the protein powder always tastes like dirt to me. However, for some reason, I keep trying different brands hoping that I’ll develop a taste for it. Sarena, The Non-Dairy Queen, has been telling me about her hemp fudge for a while now, and since Sarena’s recipes never disappoint, I decided to give it a try. I doubled the recipe, but only used 1 packet of NuNaturals stevia and no chocolate stevia drops. The Manitoba Harvest vanilla hemp protein powder is already sweetened with organic palm sugar, and so I figured one packet of stevia would do the job. It did. I liked it. Sarena, you’re a genius. :)


Oat bran cooked with water and topped with unsweetened shredded coconut and Hemp Fudge

I’m still a bit nervous to try the hemp seed butter and unsweetened hemp seed powders, but the vanilla version was pretty tasty mixed with cocoa powder and stevia. It will never replace my beloved Jay Robb, but it didn’t make me gag or end up down the garbage disposal. Thus far, it’s the best hemp protein powder I’ve tried. It’s rich in amino acids and dietary fiber (1 serving, or 4 TBSP, contains 11 grams!), and although hemp seeds do contain some Omega-3 fatty acids, they are still high in Omega-6’s. So, keep that in mind. This breakfast kept me full for a good 6 hours – thank you fiber. :)

For more information on the Manitoba Harvest products, please click here, and for product updates and recipes from the company, you can click here to here to become a fan of Manitoba Harvest on Facebook.

Any good recipes involving hemp seed butter you’d like to share?