Spreading The Naturally Nutty Love

by HEAB on September 12, 2010

Hemp seeds? Good.


Spinach massaged with avocado + lemon juice and topped with hemp seeds.

Hemp seed butter? Bad.


Sorry Manitoba, loved your seeds, but was not a fan your butter. Too earthy for my taste buds. However, I haven’t quite given up on it yet as I still want to try Gena’s Creamy Hemp Basil Sauce. Mmmm, basil. :)

I’ve decided that if I’m going to eat any nut butter containing hemp, it’s going to be the following brand…


Hemp done right. 😉

Yesterday, I ate a big bowl of plain oat bran topped with Naturally Nutty Pepita Sun Seed Butter and Cinnamon Cashew Butter. Both of them contain hemp seeds. Both are delicious. Love Naturally Nutty!

I also made a batch of flourless peanut butter cookies with Naturally Nutty Cinnamon Cherry Peanut Butter


Yum…they taste like peanut butter fudge!

Would you like to try some Naturally Nutty??? If so, click here for a chance to win a jar of your very own…A little gift from me & Naturally Nutty to you. :)

Speaking of gifts, I present to you the HEABlet gift of the day


Chicago Cubs onesies

Chris’s mom flew in town this weekend to attend my baby shower later today, and Chris’s dad was thoughtful enough to send a shower gift along with her meant just for CD. Haha, CD was so excited, especially since his dad is a huge White Sox fan. Thanks so much John – we loved them!

Happy Sunday to you all, and again you can click here for a chance to win some Naturally Nutty nut butter. Have a good day!