Flourless Crepes

by HEAB on September 17, 2010

My breakfast for the past 2 days has been influenced by several, and I thank you all. I originally got the idea for making this sweet egg pancake from Ashley. However, I couldn’t locate the recipe until just now. (Ashley, I really want to try your version as I forgot how delicious it looks!) Anyway, all I remembered was to cover the eggs while they cooked. So, my first attempt at what is basically a flourless crepe was yesterday, and it turned out so good. All I did was beat 2 whole eggs with 1/3 tsp of baking powder and cook the egg mixture over medium heat in a covered skillet, no flipping required. Then, taking reader Tracy’s advice, I covered it with 1/2 a mashed avocado and Trader Joe’s reduced sugar strawberry preserves.


Don’t knock the avo/jam combo until you try it. Tracy, you were right, I loved it. :)

This morning I woke up early with my mind spinning. So much to do before the HEABlet arrives, but I know it will all fall into place. It will, right?!? To try and calm myself down, I set about making myself another crepe as I figured it would make a good light breakfast before my 8:30 AM yoga class. This time, taking Amber’s advice, I added cinnamon to the batter, and topped my egg pancake with Artisana macadamia cashew butter, Naturally Nutty cinnamon cashew butter, and TJ’s strawberry preserves. I forgot to cover the eggs while they cooked, but they still came out great. (The black specks are from my cast iron skillet – yay, more iron!)


Yum, another winner!

Thanks to Ashley, Tracy, and Amber for all the breakfast inspiration. :)

Who has inspired your favorite meal lately?