Date Night

by HEAB on September 23, 2010

Last night, CD took me out for our anniversary. Honestly, I cannot believe we have been married 3 years – time really does fly.

We went to Park Cafe, one of our favorite restaurants in Nashville, and the site of our actual wedding. We hired a designer to transform the restaurant’s patio into a fairytale, and she did just that. We said our I Do’s in front of immediate family members and a few close friends. It was perfect, and all our guests said it was the best wedding dinner they’d ever eaten. If you’re ever in Nashville, please make Park Cafe a top priority as I promise that place never disappoints, last night’s dinner being no exception.

We started the evening off with the crab cake appetizer. It was heavy on the crab, just as it should be.


I ordered the Pan-Fried Salmon with a coconut crispy rice cake, Szechuan green beans, sweet chili plum sauce, grilled lime, & wontons. CD ordered the Brick Roasted Chicken with heirloom sweet potatoes, salt baked beets, local arugula, spiced pecans, goat cheese, cornbread croutons, & sorghum vinaigrette. Both were delicious! P.S. I’ve decided I use the words delicious, amazing, and yummy way too much on this blog, and I’m going to start getting a little more creative with my adjectives. Therefore, both were delectable!

IMG_6032.JPG IMG_6031.JPG

The HEABlet demanded dessert, and how could we possibly say no to our baby girl?!?


Thank goodness CD talked me into splitting one dessert instead of ordering two as a few bites of this chocolate espresso brownie just about did me in. However, I did request an extra scoop of ice-cream since we were sharing…had to make sure to get my fair share. 😉 Both the cappuccino gelato and white chocolate chip ice-cream were heavenly, and the brownie itself was…um…how about exquisite? Yes, it was exquisite.

Again, many thanks to my wonderful husband for another year of putting up with me…um, I mean joyful wedded bliss. CD, I love you very much! :)


More later. Just got home from the doctor and many emails to catch up on…be back in a bit!