Guess How Much Mustard CD And I Can Eat

by HEAB on September 27, 2010

I’ve been up since 3:30 AM…hello 3rd trimester insomnia. So glad you could join me…now please go away. We got most of the nursery set-up done yesterday. My mom and I cleaned and organized while my dad and CD put together all the furniture. I promise to post photos when it’s all done, but I still have a few painting projects I want to finish first. After watching the opening to Sunday Night Football (a tradition in our house – CD loves Faith Hill. Hehe, so cute.), I was exhausted and fell asleep right away. However, when I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I could not fall back asleep. My brain simply would not shut down, but hopefully, I can squeeze in a nap after my afternoon client today.

Anyway, I’ve been loving on lots of stir-fry lately…


Cabbage, kale, and basil stir-fried with bacon, mixed with mustard, and then topped with chopped avocado and goat cheese.

After working all day, I got dinner started while Chris finished watching the DVR’d Titans game. Lately, CD has been cooking dinner for the both of us, but I volunteered to do the chopping since he had worked non-stop all afternoon. This is what our stove-top looks like almost every night…


We usually cook the bulk of our veggies in the cast-iron skillet, while I also make myself a small skillet of kale and cabbage. Last night’s veggies were all cooked in butter, and then CD came in after the game was over to work his magic…which involved the following…


Yes, we bought an almost 7 pound container of mustard from Costco and busted into it earlier this week. It contains 595 servings of mustard. How long do you think it will take CD and I to finish it? Leave a date in the comments section below, and whomever guesses closest to the correct date will win something – perhaps some nut butter or maybe a batch of Oaties?

So, along with mustard, CD adds grass-fed finished beef and bacon to the veggies. There is something about that combo that is just so good!


Kale and cabbage topped with CD’s stir-fry. To my hubby: Thanks for all your hard work yesterday and for a yummy dinner!

It’s now 6:30 AM and time to walk to the pups. Hope you all have a good day!