A Gluten-Free Success And A Failure…Sort Of

by HEAB on September 29, 2010

Yesterday, I made a grain free butternut squash poundcake, adapted from Pantry Bite’s Sweet Potato Poundcake recipe. Based on what I had on hand, I made a few changes. I used blanched almond flour rather than coconut flour, canned butternut squash instead of sweet potato, HEABified coconut milk in place of the regular stuff, and I added a pinch of salt.


The house smelled amazing while this was baking!

Pantry Bite’s instructions were to let it cool and then refrigerate the cake overnight. Yeah, mine didn’t quite make it to the refrigerator overnight. First CD and I nibbled on it at lunch. Then my brother came over to help move some furniture. He enjoyed his piece with some whipped cream. Scott, thanks so much for all your help yesterday! Mom, same goes to you. :)

IMG_6086.JPG IMG_6087.JPG

Before going to my afternoon yoga class, I had a few more bites, and then after dinner, Chris and I finished off what was left. This was a delicious recipe and tasted like pumpkin custard. We all loved it.

My gluten-free failure happened this morning. In attempt to make amaranth bread, I ended up with amaranth mush. Following reader Jen’s bread recipe from this post, I soaked 2/3 cup amaranth grains overnight. (By the way, many thanks to Sylvia for sending the amaranth!)


Tiny little gluten free goodness!

This morning, I awoke at 4:30 AM, and my stomach was growling. I thought about just making some oat bran, but I knew if I didn’t use my soaked amaranth today, it would go bad. I didn’t want to throw it out, nor did I want to crank up the Vita-Mix at 5 AM and wake up CD. So, I drained my amaranth, added it to my Vita along with 3/4 cup water and 1/4 tsp sea salt, and blended away…out in our garage. :)

After grinding the amaranth, I melted a TBSP of coconut oil in a cake pan in a 350° oven. Once the oil was melted, I removed the pan and poured in my bread batter. It was quite liquidy…


23 minutes later, I removed it from the oven…


and immediately tried to cut myself a piece…


However, that didn’t go over so well as this didn’t really bake up into bread but came out more like a baked amaranth porridge…and I couldn’t stop eating it…it was so warm and coconutty and gooood!


By 6 AM, all gone. :)

So, even though breakfast didn’t go quite as planned, my belly was still very content.

Have you made any delicious kitchen failures lately?