Chocolatey Coconutty Goodness

by HEAB on September 30, 2010

OK, so remember in this morning’s post how I was lamenting the loss of my Artisana Cacao Bliss? Well, no more tears were shed after making my own delicious version…’cept for maybe tears of joy. 😉


For the recipe, please click here.


Bonnie October 3, 2010 at 4:32 am

This sounds amazing and I so want to make it. I could only find unsweetened coconut powder (not flakes). And that was in the local Indo-Pak market where I get all the dals and spices for when I cook up Indian feasts. Do you think that the powder would work?

HEAB October 3, 2010 at 7:25 am

The powder is definitely worth a try. When grinding the coconut flakes in the food processor, they eventually turn into powder before turning into butter. So, hopefully, you just got to skip the whole flakes to powder step. Good luck and please let me know how it turns out.

charlotte October 2, 2010 at 11:15 pm

I am so making this tomorrow!! Thank you! I’ve searched high and low for the cacao bliss out here and can’t find it anywhere. Of course I never thought of making my own – you’re a godsend!

HEAB October 3, 2010 at 7:24 am

Oh my gosh – you will love it. CD and I are obsessed, and it will definitely be a staple in our kitchen. Making more today. Enjoy! 🙂

Alyssa October 2, 2010 at 5:19 pm

How simple!!

Allison October 1, 2010 at 2:47 pm

The chocolate rice bread recipe sounds fantastic. I adore coconut but almost never get a chance to use it on anything! Excited to try this one!
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Grace @ Front Porch Yoga October 1, 2010 at 9:53 am

I can’t wait to try making homemade coconut butter! I never would have guessed how simple the process is…thanks much for the recipe, Heather!

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 11:50 am

You’re so welcome. Enjoy! 🙂

Holly @ couchpotatoathlete October 1, 2010 at 9:53 am

Dare I admit that I don’t like coconut…

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 11:50 am

You are never allowed to read HEAB again. 😉 Just kidding – coconut is not for everyone. I still love you!

Dawn J October 1, 2010 at 8:35 am

For teaching me to eat nut butter from the jar, I’m very grateful! And for this recipe, I’m EXTREMELY grateful to get to now make my own!!!

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 11:51 am

Enjoy…and just wait until you can eat from the waning chocolate coconut butter jar! 🙂

michelle October 1, 2010 at 5:54 am

We just moved to Australia and my blender is somewhere over the ocean (they tell me still a month away! :() The one thing I miss most is my coconut butter and now all I can think of is coconut butter with chocolate!! It looks amazing and it will be like Christmas when my appliances arrive.

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:15 am

Hope your blender arrives soon! 🙂

MizFit October 1, 2010 at 4:49 am


J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) October 1, 2010 at 4:39 am

I want to drink it straight out of the jar before it settles and hardens! LOL 😀

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:15 am

Yeah, I was tempted to do the same. 😉

Heather October 1, 2010 at 12:28 am

Wow! That’s it? So easy! And cheap!! Def have to try this!

Fallon September 30, 2010 at 10:41 pm

OOO I’m definitely save thing recipe. My jar is almost empty and I’m savoring it as much as I can!

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:17 am

I was the same way…never wanted that jar to end, but now we can make it ourselves. I’m so excited. Enjoy! 🙂

Namaste Gurl September 30, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Awwwh, love you, Heather :)! Thanks so much for yet another, remake recipe of the fabulous Cacoa bliss. I only received a small sample of it from Premier Organics, and non- surprisingly it’s already gone 🙂 Oops!

Def. going to try using a chocolate (highest % is best!) bar instead of coco powder.

And yay for the pics– it makes it SOOO much easier to make and visualize!

Namaste Gurl September 30, 2010 at 10:36 pm

Hey women, I forgot to mention I re-made batch #2 of Polly’s cornbread and with your twist of pumpkin. I added the 2 eggs, unveganizing it–which was hard for me to do– but the results were moist and lovely. Thanks for telling me to add the eggs– the give it a lot better texture than flax and enerG Egg replacer.

I enjoyed a couple, warm pieces tonight with almond butter alongside my chili.

Check out the post which I mentioned it it–

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:16 am

Namaste Gurl,
Love yout oo. 🙂

Enjoy your homemade chocolate coconut butter – if you liked the cacao bliss, then you will LOVE it!

Sylvia @ LifeIsGoodWithFood September 30, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Never tried Artisana, but have heard nothing but good things about it! Can’t wait to make some of my own in my brand-new (that’s rightttt 😉 ) food processor! Teehee 🙂

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:12 am

You sound like me. You’re going to run out of room in your kitchen soon. Haha – I cannot fit one more appliance in mine!

Saba September 30, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I’ve never had Artisana Cacao Bliss, but when I’m needing a chocolate fix, I mix up 1 T raw cacao powder, 1 T coconut butter (or oil would do too) and 1 T agave nectar. It’s amazing all by itself and especially yummy with some fruit (cherries and pears are my favorite)!

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:11 am

I would love that with come cherries. Sounds like a wonderful combo. 🙂

Pure2raw twins September 30, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Love Artisana products 🙂 YUM

Thanks for the recipe! Chocolate and coconut 😉

Michelle (@ Housewife in the Raw) September 30, 2010 at 8:54 pm

Really? It’s that easy? Consider it made soon! Thanks for the recipe. Now that it is starting to hint at fall here in South TX, I’m starting to crave hot breakfasts. This will be a fantastic topping. I also made raw banana-flax ‘crepes’ this week and they would be a fantastic holder for the cocoa bliss.

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:10 am

Raw banana flax crepes with chocolate coconut butter? That sounds…AMAZING! Enjoy one for me…okay, enjoy 2. One for me and one for HEABlet. 😉

Emily September 30, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Love your passion for food and how it leads to HEAB-ified everyyyything. I wish I could be so creative! Speaking of which, just got a new food processor, any fav food processor uses???

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:09 am

My food processor ranks right up there with my Vita-Mix. I love that thing – it’s great for chopping veggies, makes the best chicken salad – minces the chicken really well, banana soft serve, and I always make all my nut butters in the food processor. You’re going to love your new kitchen appliance! 🙂

Carlee September 30, 2010 at 8:26 pm

I have not had the pleasure of Cocao Bliss but not because I haven’t tried. I live in Canada and Artisana products are hard to come by. However, I have had my eye on the Cocao Bliss for a while. This recipie sounds so good. I am already drooling.

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:09 am

Wipe that drool off your chin and make it! 🙂

Meghan September 30, 2010 at 8:18 pm

Wow. Who knew it was that easy?? I am definitely trying this soon, especially since I don’t know if I like coconut butter…I would rather try this than spend the money on a jar! Thanks Heather!

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:06 am

You’re welcome. 🙂

Emily September 30, 2010 at 7:56 pm

Great recipe! I love being able to make things like that myself. I really like how you show how the coconut turns into butter in your pictures. I think a lot of people (myself included) might not have blended long enough if you hadn’t mentioned to keep at it.

Btw I found a gluten free oat bran on Amazon so when the budget allows for it, I will purchase it and let you know what I think.

That’s crazy about your friends that also had mustard & hot dog cravings while pregnant with girls! My goal for my next pregnancy is to not give into those cravings and steer them towards healthy whole food substitutes instead (I gained 48 lbs while pregnant even though I was running – okay, slowly jogging – and doing strength training everyday. Only 10 lbs more left to get rid of though after 5.5 months so not too terrible!). Hum…. Nothing quite subs for a hot dog though… It may be challenging!

HEAB October 1, 2010 at 8:06 am

So excited you found gluten free oat bran, and yes, you must let me know what you think about it.

As far as the hot dogs go, I ate a ton of Trader Joe’s turkey dogs during my first trimester. Dinner many nights included 2 hot dogs topped with slice of melted TJ’s goat cheese and mustard. Gosh…still sounds good, and not so bad for you either. 🙂

Stefanie September 30, 2010 at 7:54 pm

Thank you! It looks good with and without the chocolate.

Jan September 30, 2010 at 7:17 pm

Heather – please ignore my above post about the mass email. I figured out who it was from. Sorry about that 🙂

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Oh good, you had me worried there for a minute. Thought I was spamming people. No worries!

Natalie September 30, 2010 at 7:06 pm

do you use the vita for this one? adorable hangings!

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Nope, my food processor. 🙂

Natalia - a side of simple September 30, 2010 at 6:43 pm

I think my heart just skipped a beat. or two.

Jan September 30, 2010 at 5:07 pm

Yum, looks really good.

Just wondering if you sent out a mass email from I didn’t want to click on it until I am sure it is from you.

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 7:28 pm

No…am I spamming people? Uh-oh.

chelsey @ clean eating chelsey September 30, 2010 at 4:56 pm

Ooooo! This made me so excited for the Cacao Bliss they are currently sending me!!!

Raychel September 30, 2010 at 4:50 pm

Hey Heather,
This is kind of random… but I remember a while back you blogged about microwaving sweet potato and then mashing it in an almond butter jar (it was somewhere in tips for college students). I was just wondering how long you microwave it for, because I tried 4.5-5 minutes (after researching it online) punctured and wrapped in a paper towel. However, it didn’t come out very good (it did not mash in most places). What length would you recommend? (I wish I could do oven, but in a dorm room the microwave is the best I’ve got) Thanks 🙂

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 7:33 pm

Hey Raychel,
Here is a link to the original post: In the post, I mentioned microwaving the potato, but to be honest, I always bake mine in the oven. I would buy the long thin potatoes, and keep microwaving until you can cut through the entire potato easily with a knife. Hope this helps, and you could always just try canned pumpkin or butternut squash mixed with pumpkin pie spice and sweetener of choice in your almond butter jar. That way, the cooking and mashing is already done for you. 🙂

Rachael September 30, 2010 at 4:41 pm

I’ve still never tried Artisana, though I’ve coveted their walnut butter for some time now. Your recipe comes at a perfect time – my housemate doused his breakfast in Nutella this morning, and I’ve been having a severe chocolate craving ever since!

Annie@stronghealthyfit September 30, 2010 at 4:31 pm

I just took my coconut out of my freezer so it could warm up and I could try my first batch of homemade coconut butter! Next one will be chocolate 🙂

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 7:27 pm

Enjoy. 🙂

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) September 30, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Omg you are making me drool! I make (high) raw vegan chocolate with just agave, cocoa powder, and coconut oil…This recipe you linked is gonna have to be made in my house…and soon!

Anytime we can do away with $10 jars of expensive this or that and make it at home, control the ingredients, and do it for half the price or a 1/10th of the price, you’re totalllllllyyyyy ahead of the game.

I want that jar…now!


HEAB September 30, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Oh my gosh, you gotta try it – we ended up putting it in the fridge as it would not solidify. Not sure why – maybe just my warm kitchen. Anyway, I just scraped out a big blob. So good – just like Cacao Bliss!

Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) September 30, 2010 at 3:45 pm

I have never tried it before, but I think I may have to try your version out. I think Max would love it…he is all about coconut and chocolate…oh and bacon and brussels sprouts. I think he may be your kid!

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 7:25 pm

Haha – hope the HEABlet has Max’s taste buds! 😉

Ana September 30, 2010 at 3:45 pm

Awesome! I have a baby jar I tried this week, this stuff is so good! I was just thinking about how to make it myself using dried (dessicated) coconut, debating between using cocoa or melted chocolate, now I know which one!

nicole September 30, 2010 at 3:32 pm

i just found my shredded coconut while tearing up my cupboard this morning looking for my new jar of PB. I had this on my brain but this post just reconfirmed a coconut butter addition to my dinner tonight 🙂

Katie September 30, 2010 at 3:21 pm

Chocolate can always cheer me up too!

As for your morning almond butter question – I am actually quite picky. I don’t like any of the flavored kinds I’ve tried, and I prefer roasted and salted. The one from TJs is the best I’ve tried.

jodye @ 'scend food September 30, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Ahh so exciting! I’m totally making this ASAP!

Lea @ Healthy Coconut September 30, 2010 at 3:15 pm


You need to start your own cookbook with all the DIY food that you create 🙂 I’m such a visual person so seeing the result gets me going and makes me want to try and make the food.

The step was really easy. You could have done it wordless and it would still have made sense.

Chocolate + Coconut = ♥

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Thanks Lea – it was a super simple recipe. Let me know if you try it. 🙂

Liz @ Tip Top Shape September 30, 2010 at 3:08 pm

OOoh, this looks amazing!!

Beth @ bride in the little white dress September 30, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Sounds delish….can’t wait to make it! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

Hands in Namaste September 30, 2010 at 2:37 pm

holy yum!

eatmovelove September 30, 2010 at 2:33 pm

No freaking way! Wow. (and I love the name of the link’s Blog). Do you have a big processor or a mini one?

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 2:41 pm

I have a big one.

Heather (Heather's Dish) September 30, 2010 at 2:30 pm

mmmmmmmmm…thanks for the recipe link Heather!

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Welcome. 🙂

Christina @ ilovefetacheese September 30, 2010 at 2:26 pm

My sister just sent me a jar of the Artisan one…I will have a spoonful in your honor <3

HEAB September 30, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Thanks Christina…but how about 2 spoonfuls as I think it’s only fair the HEABlet gets one as well. 🙂

Christina @ ilovefetacheese September 30, 2010 at 2:53 pm

you GOT it 😉

Talia @ Texas Gunslinger September 30, 2010 at 2:25 pm

YUM-E!!!! Man, I miss coconut! And chocolate, well, it’s just about the best thing ever! I bet this was so yummy and it’s so easy to make. I think I’ll be bookmarking this recipe:)

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