Grab & Go

by HEAB on September 30, 2010

I’ve been so busy lately, that I haven’t really sat down to many proper meals. Thankfully, CD takes care of dinner most nights, and during the day, I just kind of grab whatever I feel like eating…read there’s been a great deal of chocolate consumption these past few days. 😉

I finished off the last of my pumpkin cornbread in the waning Artisana raw almond butter jar.


Sad to see the pumpkin cornbread go, but not too sad about the almond butter. Honestly, this is probably my last favorite brand of almond butter. It tasted funky to me, and I wasn’t a huge fan.

However, there was one jar of Artisana that I was quite sad to see go. Goodbye my beloved Cacao Bliss


Oat bran served in the last few bites of chocolate heaven. Sniff sniff. :(

Yeah, that was a depressing day in my kitchen. However, I quickly got over it after making a double batch of The Healthy Coconut’s Double Coconut Nuts Granola.


I used pecans, added goji berries, and skipped the agave nectar. So good Lea – thanks again for sharing the recipe. I’ve been eating little bowls almost everyday with HEABified Coconut Milk. In fact, both these jars are now gone, and I need to make more!

Ever met a jar of almond butter you didn’t like?