In Need of Yogurt Recipes

by HEAB on October 5, 2010

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So, ever since reading about all of your favorite parfait recipes on this post, I’ve been craving yogurt like a mad woman, and by yogurt, I mean the thick Greek stuff. Oh, how I miss it in my life. As you know, my body doesn’t handle casein or whey very well, and so I try and avoid both. However, I did have some Oikos coupons and ate Greek yogurt a couple of times last week. Gosh, I LOVE IT. My body seems to do okay with goat milk yogurt, but it’s so pricey, and I’m not a huge fan of store bought coconut milk yogurt.

No, I want more of this rich & creamy action…


Oikos plain Greek yogurt with homemade chocolate rice bread


More Oikos with Coco’s Maple Walnut Granola in the waning Naturally Nutty cashew butter jar – I could eat this everyday! Thanks again for the granola Coco – it lasted less than 24 hours in our house. :)

Before backing off the dairy, I used to make my own Greek yogurt, and it was so yummy. However, I am now in search of a dairy free version. Any suggestions? A good friend gave me her yogurt maker, and so I’m all ready for some recipes. Please share! :)