Coconut Milk Yogurt Attempt #1

by HEAB on October 7, 2010

Several of you sent me The Spunky Coconut’s Dairy Free Yogurt recipe, and so I decided to give it a try last night…with a few HEABifications.

First I brought 6 cups of HEABified coconut milk (perhaps mistake #1) along with 1 TBSP of honey (the yogurt cultures need some sugar to feed on) to a simmer on the stove-top. I didn’t have any gelatin, and so I subbed 1.5 TBSP of tapioca starch (definitely mistake #2).

I then removed my coconut milk + honey + tapioca starch from the heat, poured it in a stainless steel bowl and placed it in a sink of cold water, whisking away until the temperature dropped to 92℉ and then added 1 container of Oikos chocolate Greek yogurt as my starter culture. To keep it dairy free, you could add some store bought coconut milk yogurt, starter grains, or probiotic capsules, but I happen to have some Oikos on hand.

IMG_6172.JPG IMG_6171.JPG

I then poured my yogurt into my yogurt maker (thanks again Carolyn) and allowed it to incubate for 12 hours. Oops…was aiming for 10 hours, but slept a little longer than planned.


I was so excited to check on my yogurt this morning, but I wouldn’t really call it yogurt per say…it was more like cultured coconut milk. It tasted great – love that yogurt tang, but it was not thick at all. However, I’m hoping that after it chills in the fridge for a while it will thicken up a bit.


I think using coconut milk straight from the can rather than my HEABified version would have worked better, and I probably should have used at least a 1/4 cup tapioca starch rather than just 1.5 TBSP. Oh well, at least it tastes good, and I do love a good kitchen experiment.

Until I get the yogurt right, I’ll just keep snacking on my 2-ingredient fudge


Shameless self-promotion 😉