From Failure To Success

by HEAB on October 7, 2010

So, my coconut milk yogurt never did thicken, but that’s okay as it’s still yummy. Today has been super busy. I started it off with a visit to the doctor. Everything with the HEABlet is looking good. Her heartbeat was fast and strong, and all is good with mama as well. I’m at 34 weeks, blood pressure is low as usual, and my weight gain thus far is still at 15 pounds. Only 6 weeks to go – can you believe it?!?

Anyway, after the doctor I had some errands to run and then decided that I wanted…no I NEEDED a rotisserie chicken. So, I stopped by the grocery to pick one up and came home to make myself a delicious lunch. Inspired by Maggie’s Best Coconutty Butternutty Rice Ever, but lacking many of her ingredients, I whipped up the following…

Into the rice cooker went one cup of brown Basmati rice, 2 cups of my liquid coconut yogurt, 1 heaping spoonful of curry powder, and about a cup of frozen peas. While that cooked, I deboned my chicken while trying not to devour it. I love the dark meat! After my rice finished cooking, I scooped out about a cup and stirred in some of the chicken, diced leftover roasted squash, and cinnamon.


Mmm, squash! I thought this was kabocha, but I think I actually bought a buttercup. Oh well, it’s orange and sweet, and I’ve never met a winter squash I didn’t like. :)


So good! Thanks for the inspiration Maggie, and speaking of Maggie, I’d also like to thank her for her very thoughtful gift she sent me a few weeks back…


Cookbooks and a breast feeding guide from La Leche League, an awesome gift for any mama-to-be. Thanks again Maggie!

Oh gosh, I am so full right now. Note to self: do not scarf down half a chicken prior to eating your lunch. Bad idea…very.bad.idea. 😉