Spreading More Of The Naturally Nutty Love

by HEAB on October 8, 2010

I found a way to make my homemade coconut milk yogurt thick and creamy…


Last night, I mixed 1 cup of the yogurt with 1/2 cup oat bran and let sit in the fridge overnight. This morning, it was thick and creamy and tasted wonderful in the waning Naturally Nutty Mocha Peanut Butter jar…no cooking required. I think the Mocha Peanut Butter and the Vanilla Almond Butter are my two favorite Naturally Nutty flavors…and both jars make great bowls as well! :)


Would you like to try these flavors, or any Naturally Nutty flavor for that matter? Well, Katie, founder and president of Naturally Nutty Food Inc. would like to send 3 HEAB readers a jar of their choice in memory of her father-in-law, who recently passed away. In Katie’s own words, her father-in-law loved to laugh and pull practical jokes! He was humble and kind, generous and very proud of his wife, daughters and son. He loved to run in 5k races, even if it was the t-shirt that motivated him the most! :) He loved those shirts! He was so proud of Tim (his son & Katie’s husband) for playing lacrosse, graduating from Notre Dame University, starting a family and a business. He was just a great guy all around who died at the young age of 67.

To Katie and family, I am so sorry for your loss and honored that I can do something in memory of such a wonderful man. For your chance to win, please share a story about your own father in the comment section below. The comments on this post will close a week from today, and I’ll announce the 3 winners next weekend.

I’ll go first. When I was younger, I had a blanket that I took everywhere. One night, while dining at a pizza restaurant, our server thought my beloved blanket was a dirty dishrag and threw it away. Needless to say, I was devastated, and my dad actually climbed into the restaurant’s dumpster and after a long search found my bee. Thanks dad – I’ll never forget that! Love you. :)

Wishing all of a wonderful Friday and weekend.