Pickles & Ice Cream

by HEAB on October 14, 2010

I remember one night early on in my pregnancy, I really did eat pickles and ice-cream. Not together, but I had both within the same hour, and it was before we had told anyone we were pregnant. CD laughed and said, Do not post that on the blog…although some of you were already tipped off by my early mustard cravings. :) Anyway, no ice-cream or pickles today, but I did enjoy myself a homemade pop-tart with cinnamon filling!

IMG_6254.JPG IMG_6255.JPG

As you know, I craved pop-tarts like crazy all throughout my first trimester, and when Gaby told me that she makes her own vegan version from scratch, I knew I had to try them. So, when she offered to send me some, I gladly accepted. They arrived today along with a very sweet card and stuffed little piggy for the HEABlet, and you better believe I toasted one up immediately and enjoyed every bite. Thank you Gaby – so good! :)

I wanted to dedicate this afternoon’s post to Pickles & Ice Cream, a maternity clothing store here in Nashville as they graciously donated several maternity outfits for my photo-shoot with Emily this past weekend.

Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 2.34.10 PM.png



The clothes were gorgeous and despite my big protruding belly, they made me feel so feminine and pretty. Thanks again Pickles & Ice Cream! They have several stores located throughout the country and sell gifts for both mom and baby. In fact, while there, I bought the HEABlet a little something to wear home from the hospital. It’s the one and only outfit I’ve bought for her as we’ve received so many baby clothes from our friends and family. Are you prepared for the cuteness????

IMG_6256.JPG IMG_6257.JPG

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE my Barefoot Dreams robe (bought it off ebay years ago – best purchase ever!), and I could not resist buying this Barefoot Dreams coat and outfit for the HEABlet. Doesn’t it look so cozy and comfy? I also picked up a few nursing bras – fun fun.

Pickles & Ice Cream would like to offer one lucky HEAB reader a $25 gift certificate. So, if you’re local or if you know a mama-to-be or new mom living in the Nashville area, please let me know in the comments below, and I’ll pick a random winner. And keep in mind, you ALL know at least one mama-to-be in the area…um, that would be me. 😉

Before I go, the winner of Google Juice is Janetha G – Meals and Moves. Congrats J.G. Bean! I’ll forward your info to my brother, and he’ll email you with your free downloadable copy of Google Juice. For those of you that didn’t win but are still interested in purchasing the book, you can click here to do so.