I Don’t Get It

by HEAB on October 15, 2010

Last night, CD and I were invited to the grand opening of Pinkberry here in Nashville.


My best friend of the evening…


Everyone was drinking the free champagne, but I was all about the fro-yo…

IMG_6267.JPG IMG_6269.JPG

IMG_6271.JPG IMG_6270.JPG

and the toppings table…


We sampled every flavor: chocolate, coconut, original, mango, pomegranate, and green tea. My favorites were the chocolate and pomegranate. The mango tasted way too sweet, and the green tea was a bit funky. We had a good time, but I really don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with Pinkberry. The yogurt tasted kind of icy to me, and although I did enjoy their signature tang, I prefer my yogurt to be a bit more creamy. Thanks for the invite and for a fun evening Pinkberry, but I think I’ll stick with my beloved Sweet Cece’s. Besides, self-serve yogurt establishments are much more fun!

After last night’s sugar coma, I woke us with sweets on the brain…homemade pop-tarts to the rescue!

IMG_6275.JPG IMG_6276.JPG

I topped one with Naturally Nutty Mocha PB and the other with NN Vanilla PB – Yum!

Don’t forget, today is your last day to enter my Naturally Nutty Giveaway, and ‘ll announce the winners tomorrow. I’ll also leave the comments open for the Pickles & Ice Cream gift certificate and announce that winner tomorrow as well.

Enjoy your Friday, and tell me, are you a Pinkberry fan?