by HEAB on October 18, 2010

So, I believe it’s true what they say about that whole nesting instinct as I’ve gone into total domestic overdrive these days. The entire house is clean, including all of our windows, ceiling fans, and basement stairs. Yes, CD came home to me cleaning the basement stairs last week. I’d never even swept them since we moved in our house almost 4 years ago, and let me tell you, they were nasty. I also seem to be hoarding paper products. We just stocked up on paper towels, toilet paper, etc. on our last trip to Costco, but yesterday, I filled our cart with more…


CD: Do we really need 24 rolls of paper towels? Me: Um, yes.

The nursery is complete, and we all we have left to do is to install the car seat. Oh, and I can’t seem to get enough dietary fat into my body. I swear I feel like a bear about to go into hibernation. Nothing super sweet sounds very good. Nope, I want fat fat fat…


Yesterday’s lunch: Rotisserie chicken with corbocha cakes slathered in butter and cinnamon. While deboning the chicken, I ate just about all the dark meat and even some of the skin which I never do. Oh my gosh, it tasted so good.

People always ask what I eat for snacks, but honestly, I’m not much of a snacker. If I get hungry in the afternoon, I’ll eat a square or two of Bakers unsweetened chocolate, and CD likes to snack on Ghiradelli 86%. We keep a large chocolate supply on hand always as we use the Ghiradelli for our homemade chocolate coconut butter, and I’ll often chop it up for baked goods if a recipe calls for chocolate chips. I love the Bakers stuff – all fat and zero sugar!


Last night’s dinner was a new stir-fry created by CD, and I’ve now requested it 2 nights in a row…CD I’ll take more tonight if you’re up for it. I’ll chop the veggies. :)


Coconut Curry Beef Stir-Fry



2/3 lb. grass fed finished ground beef

Veggies galore

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk

1 TBSP curry paste of choice

4 TBSP of butter


Stir-fry veggies in butter until cooked through. Combine curry paste with coconut milk and then add to veggies along with beef. Cook until meat is done.

Every time I post a recipe like the above, someone comments or emails me about the fat content. CD and I both eat a high fat diet, including the saturated stuff. Also, keep in mind I’m growing another person. The HEABlet has reached her full height and for the next few weeks will be plumping up – ahhh, I can’t wait to squeeze her little arms and legs! Anyway, both she and mama need lots of fat…so bring on the butter…Mmmm, real butter. :)

Are you a hoarder? I loathe clutter, and we’ve kept our home decor pretty simple. However, when it comes to paper products and toiletries, I always keep plenty of both. I mean you never know when you might need 4 tubes of toothpaste or 1,000 Q-Tips, right? 😉