All Over The Place

by HEAB on October 21, 2010

I no longer feel like my body is my own. The HEABlet’s movements seem constant, everything from kicks to hiccups – I wish all of you could see my belly jumping. It’s wild, and my appetite is so erratic. It freaked me out at first, but now I’m just going with it. Yesterday, I felt like this…


Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

Oh my gosh, my belly felt so large and tight, and all day I kept wondering how I could possibly go another 4 weeks before giving birth. I was hardly hungry all morning, and the only thing that sounded good was rotisserie chicken, which I ate with the following…


HEAB reader Amy sent me some Nutmeric and Nutmeric Ultra along with some adorable outfits for the HEABlet…


Thanks Amy! :)

What is Nutmeric you ask? Well, it’s a delicious blend of almonds, honey, turmeric, black pepper, and sea salt, and the Nutmeric Ultra contains curcumin as well. I couldn’t wait to try some on my chicken…


Mmm, so good. The tad bit of honey mixed with the almonds and spices made for the perfect savory/sweet combo!

So, yeah, yesterday, the stomach couldn’t really stomach that much food. However, between my errands and a dog walk, I did get in about 5 miles of walking, and I woke up this morning at 5:30 AM with banana bread brain. Remember my friend Jill, baker of the world’s best banana bread? Well, we got together again yesterday, and she brought me more of her bread made with coconut milk, unsweetened shredded coconut, and Ghiradelli chocolate chips (which we both decided are the world’s best chocolate chips. They’re huge!). Anyway, the thought of a big warm slice of Jill’s bread is what finally got me out of bed, but I went in the kitchen only to find all but a few small chunks remaining…with most of the chocolate chips picked out from them. Hmm, I wonder who did that?!? Anyway, I warmed up what was left and threw it in the waning Justin’s chocolate PB jar along with some yogurt.

IMG_6356.JPG IMG_6357.JPG

Haha – can you see the bread? I promise it’s in there, and Jill, it was delicious!

Definitely got my chocolate fix in for the day, and for lunch, I’m thinking there will be more Nutmeric action! Check back later this afternoon as I might have some Nutmeric to share. :)