I Need Yoga!

by HEAB on October 25, 2010

CD and I had our last birthing class yesterday. 3 more weeks to go…I can’t believe it. We feel prepared, or I guess as prepared as we can be. Many of you have asked about my birth plan. I haven’t really talked about it much because everyone seems to have a different opinion on the matter. So, I promise to let you know how everything goes post-birth, but until then I just don’t plan to go into many details. The most important thing is that the HEABlet arrives safe and sound – we’re getting so anxious!!! :)

Speaking of the HEABlet, look at what J.G. Bean, aka Janetha of Meals and Moves sent her…


Haha – isn’t that bib great? I’m almost tempted to wear it myself. Thanks J.G. Bean. Love you!

Today has been declared yoga day as I’ve kind of been neglecting my practice in favor of walks with the dogs. We walk for an hour everyday, and the pups love it. In fact, if I don’t walk them, trust me, they let me know they are NOT happy. The weather has just been so beautiful, and the dogs need their exercise. However, today, I am feeling in major need of some hip openers. I have been going to my weekly prenatal class, but my body is screaming for more regular yoga love. So, off to a 90-minute vinyasa class I go, but first some random eats I’ve been enjoying…


Spicy Ginger Teff cookies warmed and plopped in the vanilla bean coconut milk ice-cream container. Best way to eat cookies in my opinion. :)


Taking reader Gina’s advice, I tried her favorite homemade salad dressing (zest of 1/2 lemon, juice of said lemon, olive oil, Celtic sea salt, and lots of fresh chopped dill). Gina, look, I even ate it over a salad of chicken and chopped avocado just like you suggested. It was delicious – thank you!

Last but not least, check out my homemade pumpkin spice latte…


I have to give full credit to Ana for this one: HEABified coconut milk warmed with 1 heaping spoonful of canned pumpkin, 1/2 packet stevia, and pumpkin pie spice. Just what I needed on this cool fall morning.

OK, I’m off to research pediatricians and then to yoga. Happy Monday!