Chocolate Coconut Butter Revisited

by HEAB on October 28, 2010

Really, you guys have got to try making homemade chocolate coconut butter. It’s so easy, and it taste like chocolate heaven in a jar.

I finished off our last jar a few days ago and was dying for some more this morning. So, into the food processor went a bag of this:


and a bar of Teuscher’s 88% chocolate.


Victoria and I did a little chocolate exchange. She sent me two Teuscher’s chocolate bars, an 88% and a 99%. Oh my gosh, seriously, this is the smoothest chocolate I have ever eaten. If this stuff is available in your city, find it and purchase it ASAP. I promise you will love. Thanks again Victoria – Teuscher is my new favorite!


Next step: turn on food processor, and in about 6 minutes, I had this…

Didn’t even have to scrape down the sides of the machine. With some batches I do and others I don’t. Not sure why.

I got about 8 ounces of chocolate coconut butter out of this and poured it into a glass jar. It usually takes a few hours to harden, but if you want to speed up the process, refrigerate for a little while – doesn’t take very long – maybe 30 minutes? Otherwise, no refrigeration required.


However, CD came up with a brilliant snack idea. If you pour the chocolate coconut butter into an ice-cube tray and place in the fridge, you can make your own little HEABified version of Almond Joy candy bars! (Edited to Add – more like Mounds bars I guess, but if you add a little almond to the center, then you would have an Almond Joy. Thanks for the idea Monica!)


Now, what to do with the remaining chocolate coconut butter in the bottom of my food processor????


Hmmm, how about some OITFP?


Oats In The Food Processor. May not look too pretty, but it sure tasted good. :)