Soup or Sauce?

by HEAB on October 29, 2010

Remember Victoria? The blogger who introduced me to my new favorite chocolate? Well, I’ve had her Creamy Goat Cheese Pumpkin Sauce bookmarked for a couple of weeks now, and since I had plenty of pumpkin on hand (Thank you Jason!), I decided to give the sauce a try.

The final product…


I used almond flour and HEABified coconut milk, and it never did get really thick. So, I ended up pouring all the ingredients into my Vita-Mix and pureeing it all together. Mmm, it tastes like a delicious savory pumpkin soup. However, the goal was sauce and so that’s how I used it.


Egg, spinach, and meatball scramble topped with creamy goat cheese pumpkin sauce. A tasty and satisfying lunch. Thanks Victoria!



A muffin for one served atop ice-cream, but you’ll have to check back later today or tomorrow for that recipe. It’s my latest obsession. :)

So, in regards to the Lake Shore Pumpkin vs. Libby taste test…


They are both delicious, and honestly, I couldn’t really tell a difference. I searched and searched for a Lake Shore Pumpkin website, but this was the only one listed on the can. So, I’m assuming Libby’s and Lake Shore Pumpkin are one in the same? Does anyone know the truth? Anyway, I love them both, but if given the option, I would purchase the Lake Shore. I mean, c’mon, the can is so much more fun! :)

Happy weekend to you all. I’m off on a dog walk and then CD and I have a meeting with our doula to discuss the HEABlet’s birth plan. It’s getting so close!