You Scream, I Scream…Oh just be quiet and hand over the scooper!

by HEAB on November 3, 2010

HEAB here, but I’m thinking of going by HEIC this week as all I want is ice-cream, ice-cream, ice-cream. I am not big on dairy, and you can read why here. However, it’s all I want these days, and I’m just going with it, especially since CD came home with the following when he did the grocery shopping on Sunday. It was on sale. :)


5 half gallons of ice-cream. I love my husband!

I tried sticking to the non-dairy coconut milk versions, but really, what 9-month pregnant woman with SERIOUS ice-cream cravings can afford that stuff?!? It’s almost $6 a pint which would add up to $24 for a half gallon. That’s just wrong. I’m also not digging my protein ice-cream so much these days. So, I’m just eating the real deal, but sticking to the full fat all natural versions. Check out the ingredients in the Harris Teeter all natural line


Can’t really beat that.

Yesterday’s ice-cream consumption included a cup of frozen yogurt from Sweet CeCe’s with my friend Jill. They now have Irish mint and chocolate swirl available, which I topped with a couple of chocolate covered almonds. OK, so there were more almonds involved, but I ate them straight from the dispenser. Shhh, don’t tell.

IMG_6516.JPG IMG_6515.JPG

Jill, baker of my favorite banana bread, was kind enough to bring me the results from her latest muffin baking adventures. Thanks Jill!


Pumpkin and banana walnut muffins. Jill, they are both delicious!

Guess what l ate post dinner?


Warm banana walnut muffin + vanilla ice-cream in the waning PB jar

Ice-cream is so good, but when I eat it, I only want more. It never fills me up either because I woke up at 2:30 AM hungry and ate a leftover burger and some veggies from dinner. I usually eat a small bowl of oat bran before going to bed as it helps me sleep like nothing else, but it never sounds as good as ice-cream these days. :)

What’s your favorite store bought brand of ice-cream?