Nursing Is Hard

by HEAB on November 12, 2010

We’re still having a bit of hard time with the whole breast feeding thing, and it has not been easy. However, I’m still determined to make this work as best I can. Again, CD and I left the hospital with a breast pump so that I could keep up my colostrum supply until my milk arrived. We had a few good breast feeding sessions, but often had to feed the colostrum I was able to pump to Summer with a syringe. The milk usually comes in between days 3 to 5 after the baby is born. We’re on day 7 and still no milk. Since Summer could not lose any more weight, we finally had to supplement with formula. It broke my heart as I was so determined to breast feed solely for as long as I possibly could. There were lots of tears shed yesterday, but CD was super supportive and kept reminding me that he was fed formula and turned out perfect. 😉

We had a lactation consultant come to the house last night, and she was very helpful and encouraging. Our routine is exhausting – I won’t lie. Every 3 hours, I try to nurse Summer for 40 minutes, and then while I go pump, Chris feeds her any pumped colostrum and then formula from a bottle. It’s not ideal, but at least she’s still getting my colostrum, even if we have to chase it down with formula.

I’m also taking some herbs to encourage my milk to come in as well as eating lots of oatmeal. Yes, oats are thought to increase milk supply. Endless bowls of oatmeal? No problem!


The above bowl was inspired by Katie’s Snickerdoodle Oatmeal. It’s nothing but rolled oats cooked in water, homemade coconut butter, and cinnamon. So simple, yet so good. I think I’ll call it CocoDoodle Oats…or perhaps SnickerNut Oats? What do you think?

Time to hit the La-Z-Boy with Summer…best purchase ever since I basically live it in these days. :)